BEST FOUNDATION FOR DRY SKIN?! Testing Loreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation

Hey guys, it’s Sher. Today, I am testing and reviewing the Loreal
Infallible Pro-Glow foundation to see how well it works with dry skin and also to see
if it’s pale enough for me. So if you want to watch me test this foundation,
then let’s get into it. Okay, so this is the Loreal Infallible Pro-Glow
foundation in the color 201 classic ivory. Now, before getting this, I have been using
the Maybelline Fit-Me foundation the dewy & smooth, for like two years or something
like that. At least like, a year and a half. It’s still a little bit too orangey for me
right now even though it wasn’’s not in the summer time, but it is when it’s not
the summer. I have a hard time picking out foundations
in general because sometimes even the lightest shade looks a little too warm for my skin
tone so I don’t know the exact shade that would look the best on me because I don’t
know if I’m cool-toned or warm-toned. I feel like to me looking in the viewfinder,
I look very yellow-toned, but then when I buy a very yellow-toned foundation or a warm-toned
foundation sometimes it still comes off a little too yellow or orange depending on how
pale I am. The reason I went with this foundation is
because I read some pretty reviews from people who have both dry skin and pale skin, just
like me. My skin is very dry. But I have to be very careful with moisturizing
it because if I use too heavy of a moisturizer, then parts of my skin get more oily and like,
they break out really easily. So many foundations that I’ve tried recently
have been too drying for my skin and they tend to cling to all of the dry patches that
I have on my face. Like I said, I read some reviews on this foundation
and people with both dry skin and really pale people have recommended it, so I’m going to
try it. It says that it is a lasting, glowy foundation
that isn’t dull or greasy, it has a radiant finish, it wears up to 24 hours, it has a
medium coverage, I really just deal with like an overall dull appearance to my skin, I don’t
know how else to phrase that, and a little bit of redness on my forehead and my chin
and right around my nose area, so really a medium or light coverage, whatever would work. On this side of my face, I’m going to apply
this foundation with a brush and then on this side of my face, I am going to be using a
damp beauty blender to see what technique or method gives me the best results and what
looks the smoothest. I’m super new at using a brush, so if I’m
not doing it right, feel free to comment down below! So it seems to cover fairly well on this side
of my face as far as I can tell. Um, I’m not a big fan of this method of application
so I am going to try the other side with a beauty blender which is what I usually do. Okay, I don’t know how it’s coming across
in the viewfinder, but this is about all the coverage I would really need. It seems to cover up’s not going to
focus. It seems to cover up the redness that I have
right here pretty well even though the texture I have on my forehead because of the irritation
that I get on that area of my face, can be kind of hard to cover up regardless of how
good the foundation is. I don’t expect it to fully 100% cover that
area up because it is my worst area. It doesn’t feel super heavy or anything and
it does have a slight glowy appearance. The good news is that I feel like the color
is spot-on to my neck and my arm, and everything else, so I’m really happy about that because
I was scared it was going to be too dark and how embarrassing would that be? I’m going to go put the rest of my makeup
and see what it looks like when I’m done, and I’ll be right back. I am back with the rest of my makeup on. Its taken me awhile too. I really like this foundation actually, I
can’t really see it in the viewfinder, but when I upload this later, I’ll definitely
see it. There’s just a little bit of texture that
I always have right here that is very hard to cover up with anything whether its foundation
or um, concealer, or anything. So I didn’t fully expect this to take care
of that because I haven’t found anything to take care of that and I think that it’s more
of a skin care problem than it is a makeup problem, oops. It’s definitely less glowy on its own than
the Maybelline Fit-Me foundation, but not in a bad way, just in a different way. I went ahead and took that damp beauty blender
and worked the product in on this side of my face because I just didn’t like how the
brush applied, so both sides of my face technically were done with a beauty blender but that’s
just personal preference because um, I just don’t like, I’m not used to the brush yet. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. I like this foundation. I will definitely be incorporating this into
my usual makeup routine at least until I become tan enough to where I can go back to the Maybelline
Fit-Me foundation. I would say its the same amount of coverage
and it feels about the same as the Fit-Me foundation. I mean, am I blown away by it? No, but it did what I thought it would do
and it is relatively cheap. I think I only paid, like, 10 dollars for
it at Walmart, so for a drugstore foundation, I would recommend it for dry skin and also
for pale skin because like I said, I was kind of nervous that it wasn’t going to match my
skin tone, but I feel like its a perfect match and definitely a better match than what I’m
dealing with right now with the palest shade of the Fit-Me foundation so this is definitely
something I’m going to use until I can at least match that foundation again. Alright, that is all for this video you guys,
I hope you enjoyed watching me test out this foundation. If you have any other products that you’d
like me to review for dry skin or pale skin or both, or whatever, then just let me know
down in the comments and I will look into that because I’ve been thinking. I feel like a lot of makeup people on Youtube
deal with really oily skin and not neccesarily so many beauty youtubers deal with dry skin,
and while I definitely don’t classify myself as a beauty youtuber, (I barely classify myself
as any youtuber). There’s definitely not that many videos that
I run across on the daily about makeup products that are good for dry skin so I’ve been thinking
about maybe doing more of these types of videos. Also, I feel like it would be a good idea
because so many people who do their makeup on Youtube have absolutely perfect skin and
I’m definitely one of those people that deals with redness, irritation, so let me know if
you have any suggestions about anything I should try or that you would like to see someone
with my skin type try and I can review that for you! Make sure you like this video before you leave
and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done that already, and I will see you guys
in my next video. Bye!

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