Best Face Cream For Men (For Dry, Oily & Combination Skin)

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anything I’m Daniel Maritz and in this video
we’re going to talk about the best face moisturizer for all skin types
be that oily dry or a combination that’s what we talk about in this video and
we’re starting right now all right so what is the best face
moisturizer for all skin types now over the years I have tried a lot of
different products some of them made my skin too oily and some of them made it
feel very heavy and some products is just bleghh… and then some products would only be
for a dry skin or only for oily skin and the problem that I had is in winter my
skin would be very dry it’s gonna be a cold day again and then in summer it
would be a little bit more oily right so then I had to buy different kind of face
moisturizers and then the other problem I had is if I travel to other countries
then the atmosphere the light everything is a little bit different like for
example in some Asian countries the air is a little bit more humid right so my
skin feels a little bit more shiny and oily but then if I go to countries like
South Africa the air there is a little bit more dry so my skin is a little bit
more dry as well so I searched for a moisturizer that works for all
conditions for all seasons and something that just helps my face to feel light
that protects it against the Sun and aging and something that is not shiny
you know that doesn’t look like it’s glowing up when I walk and I found one
that is just amazing now I’ll add the link of the moisturizer in the video
description down below so you can go and check it out as well now the best
moisturizer that I use is from Paula’s Choice this is by far the best face
moisturizer it is called the daytime protect broad-spectrum SPF 30 now this
product is quite amazing I use two there’s a night one as well which is
this guy over here but I’ll explain that a little bit later the day time protect
is pretty awesome because it really does what it says well let me let me actually
read this to you it says it protects against signs of aging and
it feels weightless which is true and then leaves a shine free finish which is
also true now I’ve worked for a lot of products right and some of them you like
okay you can see if it can really work or not as a model right but then
there are some products that just stands out above the rest you work for them now
Paula’s Choice is one of those products that just stands out a little bit more
because it actually works it does what it says now another cool thing about
these products is it is not animal tested which is really cool now you
don’t have to put on a lot you just put on a little bit and you gently massage
that over your skin after you’ve washed your face with facial wash now before I
go to sleep I put on this guy this guy is called the nighttime repair now what
does it do well it is a greasy free kind of moisturizer so again you don’t feel
that heaviness and you don’t feel that that oily glowy skin and it fights
against those multiple signs of aging that we all don’t really like to see and
then it says here it smoothes rough and dry skin which is true yeah this is a
really cool cool cool cool product I have used this guy over the years and it
really works you can see how my skin looks there’s no makeup on my face and I
have to say that Paula’s choice is a really impressive product they’ve got a
lot of products for women as well so have a look I’ll add a link of these
products in the video description down below so you can check it out I used
to have a bad face as well I used to have a little bit of pimples and I had
this problem where I felt like I was not the guy with the really good clean face
but then I realized I just have to take care of it
there’s a lot of people in the model industry that when you look at them you
feel like wow they’ve got this perfect skin how can they know why how well the
thing is people take care of their face with the right products for me these guys
are awesome I have used them over the years they work and I’ll add a link of
these products in the video description down below so you can check it out now
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