Best Cetaphil Review for Face acne 2017
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Best Cetaphil Review for Face acne 2017

hello guys if you like my videos and if
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help me or it gives me a motivation to post more on today’s video actually I’m
going to do it’s a review video and I’m going to do a review of the product
cetaphil. this is the honest review. you people might have heard about this
product I recently came to know about this one I didn’t know that it was in
market for so long and I went to the wetsons I found this small packet of
Cetaphil I really love the bottle in which this these two came there is one
gentle skin cleanser and there is one moisturizing lotion so I just bought this packet check either it will be good for my skin or not and I really
love the packaging they did but the original one and the bigger one this is a 16 oz
it’s not in that packet. First I will talk about the cleanser actually my skin
as oily and it’s acne pron so I thought I should buy this cleanser which is
Cetaphil and this is the gentle skin cleanser I’m not sure if it’s visible
and seriously why I bought when I saw the this
particular line which says it’s non comedogenic we all know that
s basically they they are they tend to cause the blackheads by
blocking your pores so I have this issue that my pores they get blocked so when I
saw that its written its non-comedogenic in the both product on the lotion too
and on the cleanser too so I thought I should give it a try you can see this is the texture
it it shows and you can see it’s sort of or even you apply on you
skin it’s actually really gentle if I show you it will not cause any leather
it’s just cleaning my skin it will actually clean your skin but it
will not cause any sort of leather on your skin I should show you see so your skin does not feel any dry
or anything it still it feels like that you have applied some
moisturizer or something it has proposed profiling glycol which is
actually gets the moisture another thing it does not have any
fragrance but it has its own smell for some people it could be irritating might
be some people they do not like that particular smell but it’s not like
the you will not feel any sort of fragrance or fragrance of a flower or
anything else very cheap it’s around 11 to 13 dollar of 16 ozz so I I would say
that I will really really buy the next bottle the bigger one the 16
oz one because I really love that product have to say that I have to give
them reasons not to buy this product it has sodium lauryl sulfate I don’t know
how to pronounce the exact word I am NOT a chemist but I think it’s the same
thing it actually creates the gives the irritation to very sensitive skin so
some people they are actually irritated with this particular chemical so if you
are allergic or you have irritation or you have very sensitive skin then it
could irritate your skin some people say that it actually has a smell again it’s
for some people it’s a cone but I do not I do not mind the that
particular smell I think it’s not that bad it’s not that you cannot tolerate it
it’s a sort of like you’re applying some sort of medicated sort of creams and
drawback I can see basically for me it was not a drawback but for some people
it could be because it will not clean in your makeup so do not think that you
will use it alone if you are doing makeup and if you have applied makeup
first you have to remove your makeup from your face and then you can use this
product even if it does not clean your makeup it cleanse your skin and it gives
you a very good moisture some people they claim that it does not clear your
acne the bad the bad one but usually the dermatologist they recommend this
product now here comes the lotion review I actually really really love the Lotion
even I buy the cleanser or not but I am definitely going to buy this Cetaphil
moisturizing lotion and there is one strong reason of buying this lotion
which I’m going to show you okay this is the lotion this basically which is oil
free moisturizer and it’s from Neutrogena and this is the cetaphil
lotion if I compare with the prices this one is quite expensive and this one is
cheaper one what I like about this the both don’t give me any acne and that’s
for sure it’s also good for my skin and it’s also good for May skin but why I am
saying I will definitely buy this lotion again once it is finished obviously I
can show you this is the consistency this is the Neutrogena and this is the
Cetaphil now I am blending you can see the texture I mean it’s really great
it’s non greasy you can see even I’m applying on my hand but you can you
see it that it’s very milky sort of and it’s not a dressy one and it absorbs on
your skin very quickly now this is the Neutrogena
and now you can see there is the difference when it comes to neutrogena
is actually a little bit greasy than then the Cetaphil I
found that and when you apply the Neutrogena Neutrogena gave you the
greasy effect and this Citaphil does not give you the greasy effect if
you apply let me absorb the both and then can see the difference here is after
absorbing the both one and this line indicates the in on this part I have
actually applied the Cetaphil and on this side I have actually applied the
Neutrogena one and that this portion is is not greasy
it’s moisturize but it’s not greasy one but this one is looking a bit more greasier than the previous one this this is the difference which I really felt my
final thought about this product definitely I am going to buy these
products again


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