Best Antioxidant Ingredients to Get Clear Skin ✨Natural Foods + Favorite Products
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Best Antioxidant Ingredients to Get Clear Skin ✨Natural Foods + Favorite Products


  • Linh Khánh

    I want to give the editor of all your videos a hug! They're so so well made and I dont think people are talking about it enough ✨

  • Stella Gabriëlle

    Can you Guys do a review/video about facetheory!!

    Stil surprised about how much there is to learn about skincare
    Love your video’s btw 😘😘

  • Kateřina Hepnarová

    Please, can you get better microphone? Your videos are awesome however this brings them down 🙂 don't take it as a hate, it's just advice 😁

  • Luciana Travassos

    Girls, did you ever used Caudalie products? Its mean ingredient is grape. I use it a lot, but I’d like to know better what it does for the skin. Thank you 🙏🏼

  • Emi Stopka

    Hi guys! I’m coming to Korea real soon and I’d like to buy some clothes there. I’m going to be in Seoul and I need your help with that. Could you give some examples of cheap Korean brands that I can find at some malls or shopping centers? Please I hope you help

  • Jazzy Lady

    You guys are the best! I love learning about skincare and you 2 explain things so well, complete with diagrams lol

  • Ynaira Burgos

    you know you've been influenced when you watch the video and realize you have most of the products they listed. i didn't know they had me like this but damn, they got me good.

  • Hersey Mercado

    Can you talk about carrot see oil and how the beta carotene in it acts as a natural sunscreen? Is it true or myth?

  • Diane Pelletier Viau

    Can I put Tony Moly green tea essence and my vitamine C in the morning ? Thank you to answer ! Love all your video !

  • Golden Suga Kookie with Tae

    Can u plz do something about rough skin? Like I don't have acne but there's like things similar to goosebumps on my face? Near the side of my nose and below my lips.

  • Lexie Hague

    Hey so I was watching one of your old videos about what products not to mix together and I was just wondering if you shouldn’t mix a sulfur based cleanser and a exfoliator with AHAs in it.

  • lisa p

    I would love if you made a video showing how in a day we can use different top skincare ingredients- Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acids, Retinols, BHAs/AHAs,Coq10,etc. Do a vid for dry skin/acne prone/anti-aging,etc. I think most people are overwhelmed with all the MUST HAVE types of skincare items we must have that it would be nice to see what you think are the TOP types of products to have the incorporates all the must have types of products.:)

  • Felix W

    Its amazing how much effort you put in your videos ❤️ this is my favourite so far because it connects the importance of food to skincare. Sugar is literally heroine to your skin 🤯 its hard to cut out at first but it’s worth it!!


  • Lindsay Hart

    Love your videos! I can't stop listening and there's just not enough room in my head for all of the facts.

    I'd like a video on skincare for men. I know that might be a strange request but I'm trying to get my boyfriend to take care of his skin but he's not taking it too seriously. And I know products shouldn't be different for men other than scents and labels (and probably pricing 😒) but it still has to be simplified for him or he won't do it.

    Or it would be cool if you did a video on holy grail products. Like, if you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring one essence, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc. what would you choose?

    Thanks for the awesome content! Can't wait for the next one!

  • jordan baca

    Could you do a video on skin care routines based on your environment. For example I have oily skin but live in the desert where it’s single digit humidity and 100 degrees I’m wondering if I should be using thicker products or something thanks for all your help ❤️🥰🥰

  • R

    TO clear Acne
    – Vitamin A softgels – 1x weekly 4000/8000 ius.
    – If it's hormonal Take DIM 100/200 mg instead, combine the 2 for really desperate cases.

  • Hey Stellar

    I love this kind of videos, it feels like I can formulate my very own anti aging solution!🤗 Wahaha. (Welcome to the fountain of youth ✨) 😅

  • MN Th

    This channel annoys me with the gazillion products they recommend. Stick to something simple . And beauty within doesn’t require you to put goop on ur face. Encourage a healthy lifestyle. Kids watching ur channel think they need all this crap to be beautiful 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Yana Antonia

    My lunch break is going to consist of blueberries then 😉 Soo informative ! I‘m still waiting for the pineapple vitamin c serum to come to Germany.. will the Vitamin c stay stable in a glass bottle ? I remember you guys informing us about the instability of vitamin c. Love your videos xx

  • Elin

    Is it alright to use a different acid for different problem areas on your face? I use prescribed medication for the rosacea on my cheeks, AHAs for dead skin and uneven skin on my forehead and chin. Then a charcoal and BHA product for the pores on my nose. I never layer them but use them on different parts of my face! Also I just realized that in the middle of the ingredients list of my moisturizer there is lactic acid. Would this count as layering? I haven't experienced any irritation!

  • Mitotane

    Thanks for the video! I've been watching you guys for a while, and you mention so many good products but I struggle to incorporate so many things into my beauty routine.. could you do a video about skincare regimens?

  • Marina Garcia

    Hey can you guys do a skin care routine around going to the gym? Like I always wash my face in the morning and then head to the gym. I’ve been told to wash my face immediately after the gym but then I’d be washing my face 3x a day and I feel like that’s too much for my skin. Any tips ?

  • Tori Hernandez

    Hey idk if y’all talk about accutane, but I’m going to start it soon and I was wondering if you know anyone or have any helpful tips/products that I can use.

  • Dora Padjen

    Can I just ask how old are you? Just to know if that advices relate to me, or I'll have to do something much more "strong"?
    Nevertheless, a great advice is always a great advice…and we can pick something that's right down our alley.
    Love your videos…and everything else- your knowledge, enthusiasm, (considering the age gap between us.🤦..) because it's always on poin. Well done girls!

  • Sinchan Sahoo

    This video is so much informative for me…I am improving my skin only for u guys so love u so much… Thank u so much for making these videos for us…. Love u Felicia and Rowena😘😘😘😘 …I am also a subscriber of coffeandcashmere and Eowena tsai😊😊😊😊

  • Ms. D

    Hi ladies. You mentioned talking about how and when you should change products but I can't find the video. Does anyone know where I can find it?

  • alina cz

    Hi! I love you girls! ♥️ Your tips and advices had helped me a lot. I have a doubt, should i use any cream or moisturizer if i already use a serum? Can i use more than one serum at the time?
    Xoxo 😍✨♥️

  • Carmen Ana Pacheco Mazariegos

    Hi! I’ve learnt sooo much from your channel and I’m soooo very grateful; still, I wonder if you can make a video for swimmers, or runners or other athletes that have that “extra” factor ( chlorine, sun, chalk, etc) that affects their skin, something like a pre or post-workout routine to protect (pre) and replenish (post) the skin.
    Thank you!!!!
    Love your work 😊

  • Judy Queen

    i really love watching beauty within specially with Rowena and Felicia, I've watched almost all your videos together!! Can you guys like make a skin care video from the best oil based cleanser down to the best sunscreen u could recommend us, we would love that. Thanks

  • FA Earth

    Just in time when I'm looking for about Antioxidants, love it! love the timing! learned a lot and couldn't agree more with your last thought on how amazing our body is already like a 'factory' and running and know what to do, we just have to take care of it 🙂 lovely

  • Siti Nubailah Syed Jalal

    Audio/video quality has declined in the past few videos. still very informative though, good job! 👏👍

  • CatherineBD

    Hi, I looooove your videos! They are so good and I always come back to your channel anytime I have skin questions. I would love a video about facial, what it does, how they can help and which treatment is best for what condition. I have never done one because i never know which one I should do lol!

  • Sabina Alvarez

    This is my routine
    Ponds cleanser to take of my makeup
    Cetaphil face wash
    And clean and clear lotion
    Also in the mornings a put on SPF 50 for sensitive skin
    It’s not much but it works wonders
    I have a triple skin type combination: sensitive skin, oily and dry skin (let me explain)
    The top of my cheeks are very dry but the rest of my face is oily especially my forehead
    And it’s really sensitive I can change a product and it reacts with bumps on my forehead and also it can get red
    So I want my cheeks to get less red so does anybody have anything?

  • Pooja Hazra

    Hey, can you guys talk about fragrance (both synthetic and organic) in skincare products. Most dermats swear off fragrance of any kind while u guys, as well as Gothamista and Sarah from Mixed Makeup don't seem to mind fragrance. Plz make a video on it.

  • Jan Naval

    I've been taking Vitamin E pills with the ingredients :
    Lactoferrin + d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate +Zinc is the generic name of Lactezin. do you think it's good for my skin? really need a response since school is almost up.

  • K - POP - LoVe

    really you guys cant imagine how much your info helped me a lot , i had trouble skin but now i have clear, glowing and pimple free. really even thousand times thanks is not enough . but still thanks a lottttttttttt. please never stop this chn and helping people .

  • Kareena Pasumarti

    Hi! Do you guys have any good toner recommendations for dry/combination but also acne-prone with scars skin? You guys are the only channel I trust, so thank you. Also, can you give me recommendations for all the other steps in a skincare routine based on my skin type? Thank you so much!

  • Graciela Gay

    😍 love you channel!!! You are incredible! Only you have the capacity to teach things that sound complicate, so sinple! Before you I feel so intimidated for all this ingredients! I need to learn more obviosly, but my skin is so better now, since I follow you and chance all my rutine! Thanks a lot!!

  • Nancy Serran

    Could you do a video on just dry acne prone skin? I feel like not many people have this skin type and it has been difficult to find information on this. 🙂

  • First Aid Beauty®

    Hi ladies! Thank you so much for featuring our Ginger & Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask! We're so glad you're loving it as much as we do. All our love, please keep making these videos!

  • Vanessa Palma

    When you use the Farmacy AHA product, in what order would you use it in your skin care routine and do you recommend using it in the morning, night or both?

  • vivien mel

    Pls can y’all do a skin care for fungi acne. I’ve gat tiny bumps on my face, especially my jawline area. Thanks

  • N M

    I love this channel! I have learned so much and my skin has done a 360 from what it was. When I first started I was buying everything! But now I have learned a good routine and doesn’t hurt my bank. Thank y’all so much!!!!

  • Evelyn Doctor

    Hi beautywithin iam super addicted to your channel ..keep slaying thanks for all the info and knowlegde God bless 😘😘😘😘

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