Bella Thorne’s All-Natural, DIY Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR
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Bella Thorne’s All-Natural, DIY Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

(air whooshing)
(upbeat rock music) (bell dings) (smacks lips)
– All right. Let’s go to bed together. (air whooshing) My skin care routine consists of basically one-ish thing as of right now and then when I’m feeling fun and funky and I need to rehydrate my
face, I do a little bit extra, which is kind of just making a mask and sometimes I do this
mask, a cherry one. Sometimes I do avocado or whatever and my skin type is very oily
underneath and dry on top, so I have to be constantly
exfoliating these layers ’cause then I get all the
milia bumps underneath that are dry and are trying to come out, but they can’t because
I have this two layers of super dry skin on top, so that’s why my skin doesn’t actually
look oily, but it is. I struggled with acne for
a very, very long time, cystic acne, and I was
on Accutane for two years and nothing really worked
for me on that level and I went to every different
(chuckles) dermatologist and this and that and
basically got everything done to my face that you can
frankly and nothing worked and then I came across
this one woman, Jennifer, who is so amazing and she changed my skin and she’s designing my skin care line. It’s the only thing that was
actually a huge difference in an insane short amount of time and all her stuff is all-natural,
which of course I love. I brush my teeth with
coconut oil (chuckles) and things like that so I
stick to all-natural products. I think so many times we think that the chemicals will work
’cause it says it works and blah, blah, blah, and it does work for a short amount of time, but then what about if you
stop using that product? Is your skin reliant on that product? Do you become reliant on it? I think that’s one thing that chemicals will really never fix for us, so that’s why I like
the all-natural route. We make quite a few different scrubs. This is the lemon and sugar olive oil mix or something like that,
all three antioxidants. Basically, I started using
it on my newest assistant. He just loves it so much. It’s been making his skin so smooth and actually, it takes away the indents. You can cover redness with makeup, right, but you’ll never be able to cover texture and that’s something that you’re always going to be battling yourself on, so that’s why I really like this ’cause it takes the texture down to a more even playing field. I’m just gonna add a little bit of water because I traveled quite a
few times with this scrub and some of the moisture has leaked out. Then I’m just going to apply. It smells delicious. You can also eat it, again,
’cause it’s all-natural, so I can just (lips smacking). Oh my god, it’s so sugary. Wow (chuckles). It smells like lemon (inhales) and sugar, I don’t know, like at
some type of weird hotel, or sometimes if you’re on the plane and they give you those
hand towels or whatever and they smell like lemon sometimes. That’s kind of what this smells like. It’s definitely scrubbing and cleaning. It’s kind of working these
pores in this circular motion is gonna help me activate the skin to become alive again in a sense. I used to have this makeup artist. Right before she would
put products on my face, like wants to sit into my skin, (smacking face) she’d slap my face really hard and it’s supposed to wake everything up. A harsher version of it would be (clicks tongue) if you’re gonna do microneedling, you do microneedling because
you want to damage the skin so that the skin is like, oh,
no, no, no, hold on, hold on. I need to re-work myself. I need to fill this back up. I need to heal. Basically, the scrub does
that, but in the lightest way because it’s not breaking
anything on my face. Do a little bit of water
(splashing) We re-work it. Try and make sure you get in
all those nooks and crannies and it is good to get under the eyes. Most of the time when you wash your face, you kind of forget about
right under your eye. You go like here and then you stop, but this is really
sensitive skin right here. So many wrinkles and light
pigmentation and stuff comes right there from sun depending on your skin type in general. If I’m wearing heavy makeup on set, usually I’ll use an oil first, a coconut oil or a vitamin E oil, to get it all off my face, then I do the scrub, just
to really get in there. I’m gonna wash.
(splashing) I think it’s been a little over a year, maybe a year and six
months, of doing all-natural and, yeah, the only thing that I do that’s not all-natural
would be microneedling. I do that sometimes to get rid of some of these scars that
are so bad on this side ’cause on camera, on screen, I do all my own makeup
on everything I work on (clicks tongue) and I only wear tinted moisturizer because I want you to
be able to see my skin, see my freckles, see that
my skin is breathing. It’s kind of difficult
sometimes with these scars because I can’t put thick makeup over it. Like I said, you can’t cover texture. My next step would be us
making this mask together. Like I said, sometimes I do this mask. Depending on what my face is calling for in that moment, I’ll do another mask. Avocado masks are my second favorites. Okay, I put a little thing
of coconut oil in there. I’m gonna pour some honey in here. When it comes to measurements, I’m pretty much eye-balling it. When you’re working with
all-natural products, it’s much easier to eye-ball it because most likely you’re
not gonna hurt your skin. Obviously, if I’m using
something really acidic in here, like lemon and whatnot, I’d wanna be a little bit more careful and obvious about what I’m doing. Coconut oil is antibacterial. Honey is anti-inflammatory. Cherries are also
anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, so either way, on all
three of these products, you’re pretty much okay,
no matter if you put too much honey or too much coconut oil, but you wanna pay attention to the product and it’s gonna sound a little cheesy, but listen to the product. If you’re mixing it and
it’s not a good consistency, then you know you have
to add a bit more oil or maybe a bit more of the
tacky honey or it just depends. People ask me all the time, oh, did you get your
lips tinted or something, but I never wear lipstick or anything, but really, if you do the
cherries before you go to bed, mmm, what a nice color. Ooh, mmm. It’s kinda like a stain. (lips smack)
Hmm, see? It’s nice. I take a little wispy guy, but that’s just ’cause it’s fancy and I got one specifically for this, but you don’t have to use a wispy guy. You could basically use a spoon or anything that you can smash and mix with.
(knocking) Now, I’m just mixing it up, trying to get a consistency I like. Some of these I wanna smash a little bit. I’m just gonna take a smudge like this. It looks gross. I’m gonna do it in the
sink ’cause it’s red. It’s so light and watery and the honey is really quite not tacky at all and the coconut oil definitely
balances everything out and makes it quite smooth, but I think, really, the cherries, the liquid, all the antioxidants and whatnot, getting into this super liquid form, I think that’s what makes
everything feel so soft ’cause you’d think a mask like this would feel kind of thick, but if you touch my face right now, you’ll feel it’s really
thin and really soft over. (clicks tongue) I’ll leave it on for five, 10 minutes. Honestly, sometimes I’ve
left it on a really long time and I start doing things and I get lazy and I’m doin’ other things
and then I start writing. Now, we’re gonna wash it off. I’m gonna use a rag to really make sure
(splashing) that I can get off the coconut
oil, the whole consistency. This was my last step. I don’t do anything extra. I don’t use moisturizer or anything crazy. If anything, sometimes I’ll use some light vitamin E oil or I
mix some different oils that I’m feeling fancy
with, some vitamins. Sometimes I’ll put that on my face, but (sighs) I had so much
acne and I did so many things to my face to try and get rid of it that now I don’t really
wash my face in the morning. I only wash it before bed. I’ll wipe it down and clean it, but I don’t do a full this
every morning, just at night. I think that the more
that we try with our skin, pushing it and pushing it and pushing, trying to get something to work, the body is also like,
sometimes it’s too much. It’s too much of a lot of things and the skin, it can’t
concentrate and relax, so I don’t like to douse my
face in anything too heavy, so I don’t really put on moisturizer. Well, (chuckles) thank you for watching my skin care routine. I hope you guys liked
it and maybe think about going a little bit more
all-natural once in a while. Well, bye (chuckles and smacks lips).


  • Meghan McCrary

    if you are a teenager with acne, please DO NOT DO THIS. bella said herself that she was on accutane for years which changed her skin so much because of how powerful it is. her skin post accutane will be nowhere near yours with acne + without accutane. please never put lemon juice on your skin, research what oils are similar to your skin’s natural oils and use those, don’t forget to hydrate your skin as well as moisturize and if you have oily skin the worst thing you can do is strip it (especially with things like: lemon juice)

  • Anaya Nayyar

    Guys stop being so rude in the comments leave bella alone she did what she wanted to, she probably didn't know it was bad for her and all of you have said enough so cut it off with the mean comments.

  • Jaelene Marchena

    I know everyone's hating on this video but I thought it was so cute when she put the cherry on her lips and said "see it's nice" i hope before it's too late she finds a truly good skincare routine.

  • L

    imagine trying to sell that ur all natural scrub is what helped even out your skin texture instead of the micro needling u admit doing 5 seconds later 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Aroma Ahmed

    Guys, why so much hatred? Shes saying this skin care routine works for her. Doesnt mean it has to work on all skin types

  • Océane Dif

    Wow guys… Why so much hate? This is may be one of the most hateful section comment in YouTube. Calm down guys, it's just honey and cherries not a bacteriological weapon. If it was that bad, her skin would be ruined and it's not. And after all this is not even your face. So much useless anger

  • Hanniy haza

    Basically I don’t understand why this whole hates comments. I mean everyone has their own way of things that works for her and she basically never said to follow her routine or something but it’s her own method and it works for them so why bother and btw the sugar , lemon and olive is a good exfoliater and I had deal with acnes for years and it helps me so basically no need to be rude guys , u don’t know but she might also read the comments and do u know how bad she might felt .. it was so courageous of her to stand on the camera and show us her routine.. u don’t like it u leave it

  • Natalie H.

    So much is wrong with this. Oof. Citrus fruit on the face, hard physical scrub, COCONUT OIL nooooo, OLIVE OIL NOOO, "natural" and no "chemicals" all things natural still are made of chemical compounds, I just hope she got some help with her skin before it falls off 😫

  • Mrs. B

    Ppl all jealous out there commenting on her for not using chemical based products ..saying water is chemical.there's diff. Uh Illetrate ppl water is god made chemical good for skin,drinking,bathing etc.Other chemicals are man made e.g products, carbohydrated Drinks etc which are harmful,no wonder they are not better inventor then Allah.

  • Nessa Bratslavsky

    She has multiple diamond chains on her neck and she can't afford an appointment with an actual dermatologist/ chooses to instead follow some recipe some FB mom posted in some essential oil's group.

  • karen chiavazzo

    I have the same skincare routine and it has done miracles to my skin. My grandma taught me all natural ways to take care of my skin. She is 62 and looks young AF. I don’t care whatever y’all think, but I have the living proof it works.🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • amanda tocholke

    you guys wanna go ahead and use harsh chemicals and use 20 different things on your face before bed go ahead your skin won’t be able to produce it’s own oils anymore and take care of its self bella found something that works for her and that doesn’t mean it’ll work for anyone

  • Idilsu Y.

    Lol calm down if it worked for her it’s good and if you don’t approve that’s fine too. BUT this is her routine. You don’t need to do this. It worked for her so stop being so freaking rude. And she just shared her experience. You guys seriously are looking and searching for anything to say. And with chemicals she means heavy stuff like perfumed lotions whatsoever. I really think that everyone who isn’t looking for something to criticize would’ve understood.

  • Adele MacKay

    Literally coconut oil and honey is sooo good for ur skin I don’t know what anyone is talking about. Chemicals that are used in makeups and skin care products in the USA has actually be traced back to certain types of cancers. And she is right about the doing to much to ur skin thing. I love her and she is doing the right thing for herself others (younger viewers not pressuring them into damaging chemicals) and the environment love u Bella!! All the support here

  • Amy

    When you’ve struggled with acne and finally found something that works you will do it, I don’t care if means rubbing celery on your face or olive oil with sugar and lemon you would do anything. If it works for her then that’s great.

  • kristbjorg999

    Love her skin care routine. Imagine if everyone did the same, there would be SO MUCH LESS harmful chemicals going down the sink and SO MUCH LESS animal testing. Well done Bella, also her skin looks amazing ! Bravo !

  • kristbjorg999

    All those people with their negative comments about this skin care, should simply try it out. Also come to think of it, ALL THOSE negative commentors probably work for those fancy, PRICEY skin-care products. It always sucks spending TONS OF MONEY on skin-care products without 100% results, while you could have bought sugar, oil, honey etc from your local grocert store and just made your own products. All natural…all the way 💪🏻👏👌🏻🤩

  • elouise nicolaas

    People are way to rude and mean,if it’s something she thinks is right and it’s not,help her get it corrected not shame her for a mistake!Seriously,people if it’s something that helped her,let her do it and help her with her mistakes.Dang people are mean.

  • go to bed you piecof shof

    "All-Natural" doesn't always mean good and "chemicals" don't always mean bad.
    Water is a fucking chemical. You're rubbing your face AND your under-eyes with lemon juice and sugar, Jesus take the wheel…
    Cherries don't do shit to your skin,
    You're doing your skin-care with rings on which basically spreads baceteria all over your face…
    Litteraly the only reason your skin is getting better is because of the microbleeding you're talking about but everything else you're doing is bullshit…
    It's not bad to use "chemicals" and to use facial cleansers or moisturizers,
    you said you don't wash your face in the morning, litteraly what the fuck…?
    Give your face a fucking rest, stop slapping your face with fruit salads and get an actual dermatologist if you're so in need of one…

  • Kat Mango

    This is not a big deal, stop overreacting, she’s just using fruits, honey, etc, even if it’s “bad” it’s her problem lmao

  • Shipra Yadav

    All these hate comments pouring in, because Bella here can achieve that perfect skin simply by using all natural methods. While these ppl are whining because they out there rubbing so much money and products on their face but still having a shitty skin. Like.. chill out. She's just sharing what works for her. Do what suits you.

  • kassidy clark

    everyone’s hating on her but if u saw her skin before it was acne filled, obviously what she’s doing works for her skin.

  • Ramona Oklahoma

    How can she have oily skin with a dry layer? That just means her skin is dehydrated because she doesn’t use a moisturizer

  • zac w.

    She always looks like she stinks and hasn’t bathed in a week which I’m sure she probably hasn’t since water is like so bad and stuff

  • lola brini

    5:28 "mkp doesnt cover texture"
    so true: it looks worse when we see uneven texture under foundation. Like something putrefying under a cover.

  • Ana Parra Neuton

    lol the hate on this skin care routine is so much more

    than it should be… people that have had ache and mostly cystic ache need to
    understand that this is what works for her, all skin types are different. So,
    if you use 7 different products that work for you, then do you, but if you find
    one that does it all for your skin then, DO YOU. She clearly explains her skin
    type in this video and the fact that she has been dealing with it for so long.
    Spreading hate when you might not understand the struggle, does not make any
    sense and its really all about learning what your skin needs and lacks. There are
    negative reviews mostly because people can’t EVER imagine just using one
    product. How would you know if you've never tried it? I deal with my acne
    differently and use only 3 main products, but that is what has worked for ME. I
    have also gone to the dermatologist and understand her completely because not
    many of those products worked for me either. So just be mindful of people’s
    skin types in the future and if you find something natural that you like to
    wear that works, use it or not, it’s up to your skin and yourself.

  • Cheyenne Ryan

    Yall in the comments are all so fucking rude. If this helped her severe cystic acne, then it fucking helped her severe cystic acne… Thats all there is too it. Chemicals are bad for the skin, they literally make ur skin break out until you've used it long enough that it gets used to it and fixes whatever the problem is, not to mention the burning from the chemicals isnt OK. Its burning because its NOT supposed to go on your skin. I had bad acne and the chemicals weren't helping, no i dont do anything like her skin care routine, i literally just use water. no soap, BOOM ACNE GONE. OH AND DRINKING GREEN TEA EVERYDAY ON EMPTY STOMACH WILL MAKE UR SKIN GLOW AND ACNE GO AWAY.

  • Telina Henry

    First, Is she wearing every piece of jewelry she owns? Secondly, why do she look so dirty? And does she seriously do this everyday? She sounds like she just made this up. She doesn't even look like she washes her body let alone her face 😞

  • xXmlgamingXx

    Sweety water is literally a chemical and also sometimes stuff that aren’t natural such as chemicals can be better for you then natural studs and your video is an example for this

  • Angelica Login

    Honestly I’m all for natural products but this I don’t think is the proper use of them. For myself I use unrefined pure 100% African black soap and unrefined Shea butter 🤷🏼‍♀️ my skin has become more glowy and much more clear. I used to have insanely bad acne now I have some breakouts during my menstrual cycle.

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