Beauty Products I’m Obsessed With | Skin Peeling Spray, Drunk Elephant, Juice Beauty

hi it’s Riann and today I’m going to be
sharing with you at some beauty products that I have been absolutely loving
lately so starting off I want to talk about these lip balms and they are from
fresh these are the hydrating lip balms and they come in both lemon and peach
and these are so amazing they’re so much fun first of all this one smells like
fresh peaches and this one smells like lemon cake they smell so good
and so I have been kind of obsessed with these over the past few weeks and I
actually mentioned these in an outfits of the week video a couple weeks ago
because I have been just loving these were love at first
swatch if you will but yeah these are amazing and they’re super hydrating like
they say I just am loving the consistency of these and they’re just
kind of like a fun little treat for your lips and I will admit that these smells
so good that I’m highly tempted to eat them I’ve also wanted to mention that
these don’t have any color in them so they’re a great hydrating lip balm but
they don’t give any color so one of my favorite things to do has been to mix
these with my other favorite lip products from this month next products I
want to mention are the bare Pro lipsticks which are from bare minerals
and bare minerals was actually kind enough to send me the entire collection
and when I opened up the package in the mail and I saw all the colors and starts
watching I knew pretty pretty quickly that I was going to absolutely love them
and it has turned out to be absolutely true this is the one I wear the most and
it is in the shade strawberry I have it on today and I will put on my fresh lip
balm and then I will kind of pat on like a little bit of this for just like a
whisper of color or I’ll put on the entire color if I want it to be really
bold so it’s been great to kind of like mix these two products and I’ve
absolutely just been loving them the next products I want to share with you
guys are all from Juice Beauty which is a brand that I just love so so much
first one I want to talk about is this and it is the stem cellular CC cream I
have it on today I had been using the
Bare Minerals powder foundation and it was the blemish rescue formula and the
reason i’ve been using that is because i had a just terrible break out as you
guys have if you’ve been on my channel for the past few months then you
probably know all about that and that formula was so great for my active acne
spots but now that I don’t have any acne spots I wanted to move back to a very
clean CC cream or BB cream and this one has been amazing
I like BB and CC creams because I really like my skin to look as natural as
possible I want my skin to look like skin one of
my pet peeves is when my makeup looks too cakey and this is so perfect I am in
the shade warm glow and it has an SPF of 30 to start off with which is really
important because with all these healing acne spots I want to have as least
amount of sun exposure to those as possible so I can kind of prevent
scarring also I like that it has this applicator because I can apply it
directly to my skin and then I can just blend it out with my Beauty Blender so
the way that I apply this is I just kind of disperse it all over my face and do a
pass with my Beauty Blender and blend it in and then I’ll do a second layer of
this on any areas that need a little bit more coverage so sometimes I’ll do
around my nose where I get a little redness a little bit under the eyes here
and then on this area where I have any kind of acne scarring and an added bonus
is this CC cream actually does a ton of things and so it says it reduces
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles broad-spectrum sun protection even skin
tone uneven texture which are things that I’m
really looking for with my you know acne spots so this has just been hitting it
out of the park for me this next product is so cool and I have never tried
anything like this before and I am absolutely in love with it this is the
stem cellular exfoliating peel spray and when they say stem cellular they
actually take stem cells from an apple and help it to use in the products so
the way that this is used is you spray it all over your face and then you let
it absorb for a couple seconds and then you take you can take a cloth but I just
use my fingers and you just kind of do a little circular motion and it will start
to very gently exfoliate your skin it is so wonderful for me because the
prescription grade retinol that I’m on causes a quicker turnaround of stell
cells on my face in order to combat the acne so this has been great because as
those cells are turning over I need to be exfoliating them off and so this has
made it really easy to do so and I love this so much because it’s so gentle it
didn’t irritate my skin at all and it left me just positively glowing
this last product from Juice Beauty is the anti wrinkle booster serum and a
couple weeks ago I went to a friend’s house and used their bathroom and they had
different lighting that I have in my house and I saw some crow’s feet from a
different lighting angle and I got a little I was a little like taken aback
you know because I didn’t know they were there so this has been wonderful for me
because I can apply it to those areas where I’m starting to see some fine
lines starting to appear so the main spots that I focus this on are sort of
out here where the crow’s feet are here where you kind of get those frown lines
and then also right here where I get the smile line and lastly I have a few
products from drunk elephant that I want to talk about they were nice enough to
send me a bunch of the products in their line and I’ve been trying to use them as
I’ve been using up the product that I already have and kind of
switching them out with drunk elephant and comparing so it’s been kind of a
slow process of me adding these products to my regimen but I am so immensely
captivated with this brand because I am really impressed so the first product I
want to talk about is the proteini polypeptide cream and this is like a
moisturizer I actually ended up using this because I went on a trip to London
and I wanted to pack a moisturizer that would be good to travel with and the top
of this moisturizer you like pump it down and the product comes up and I was
like well that’s great because like the top won’t screw off or like it won’t
explode in my bag essentially so I just kind of threw it in and I started using
it you know the first few days of the trip and I was amazed because when I
travel my skin usually looks the most tired than it usually does because you
know being in the plane is extremely dehydrating your sleep gets all messed
up your skin just kind of like you know it’s not its best but my skin actually
started to look better than it had before and I was actually kind of in
disbelief and I was like the only thing that I’ve changed is I started using
this proteini polypeptide cream so I really really highly recommend this I am
absolutely obsessed with this I put on all of my products that I use for my
nighttime skincare routine and then I seal it all in with this and I
absolutely love it I had sort of a similar experience with the c-tango
multivitamin eye cream I just started using this in my routine as I ran out of
my eye cream that I was using before and after like a couple days I started
noticing that this part of my skin just was radiant it looked like I had been
wearing like a highlighter but I was I had nothing on my skin this part of my
skin just looked really like taut and it just looked really youthful and healthy
and glowy and I was like well the only thing that I used there that I don’t use
on the rest of my face is this eye cream so yeah I am
really excited to start trying more of the drunk elephant line I am so
incredibly impressed in fact a lot of my friends are huge fans of drunk elephant
and so I was really excited when I tried them out and I was like I totally
understand why everyone’s so hyped up about this brand now because it’s
amazing I hope you enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching if you’d
like you can follow me on Instagram it’s @riannstar I post beauty fashion and
travel updates on there all the time and if you like videos like this don’t
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