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Beaucare Rockhampton Derma Rolling

Derma rolling. Derma rolling is also known
as a few different other titles. Also known as collagen induction therapy, also known
as skin needling. There are a few different variations basically of it. What it basically
means is basically it’s a fine roller that we roll over the skin. It can be done either
in a roller or they can use a pin. It varies there depending on what sort of instrument
they’re using, but it’s really causing the same effect. It just causes slight, slight,
minute perforations into the skin, just enough to trick the skin into believing it’s being
damaged. What it does, it comes in itself and re-repairs it. So it actually stimulates
your collagen that way. So your body itself is actually doing an anti-aging treatment
all by itself. We help it with adding different vitamin A or vitamin C or depending on what
we’re wanting to achieve with that treatment. But the great thing about this one is that
there’s no downtime. You have a little bit of redness there, a flushed effect mainly,
maybe for a couple of hours, but that’s it. So it’s a wonderful treatment. In the professional
treatment, it is a little bit stronger that we use. So we’ll give you a topical anesthetic
cream to apply onto your skin first, so you have actually no discomfort there whatsoever.
However, this is also something I would recommend for you to use at home. It’s only a very,
very fine roller that you use on your skin, but just enough to abrase the skin there a
little bit and it helps your products into penetrate into your skin and be a lot more
effective. This is to be used on a daily basis. Just like brushing your teeth. The idea is
to do a little bit everyday all the time. It’s very effective then in maintaining, but
also in repairing to a certain amount as well. Please feel free to contact us and ask us
a little bit more about it and let us analyze your skin and let’s see whether it’s suitable
for you. Derma Rolling Rockhampton.

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