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Basal Cell Carcinoma Shave Biopsy | Auburn Medical Group

bill thank you so much for joining us
here in person and the people watching on YouTube to see your shave biopsy now
we were concerned about this spot up here how long has it been there it’s
probably been there I notice it about three weeks ago okay and it has it
changed in any way over time right here the lesions that bleed they certainly
get our attention they may be something that may be nothing but this one when
looking at under magnification I can see it’s got some raised edges to it which
makes us concern for a potential for a a type of skin cancer thankfully that the
type I’m concerned about is the very easy to treat type of skin cancer basal
cell carcinoma sometimes they can masquerade or ASCO a mo cell carcinoma
can masquerade as a basal cells that’s why we want to make sure by taking it
off with a shave procedure most often we get the whole thing and we don’t need to
do anything more except just keep an eye on your skin I know we talked about this
one spot right in the forehead that we like to keep an eye on and check back in
a few months any concerns or questions before we get
started well go ahead and get it started it hurts to get a shot I apologize but
we do use techniques and medicines to help minimize the pain one of those is the bicarbonate to
buffer it so it’s not as acidic doesn’t sting as much slow injecting helps I ain’t checked a large amount for a
couple reasons one is it’s good enough and the other one is it kind of raises
up the lesion to make it easier to catch with the biopsy instrument and that’s it
for this one so that area is what we want to get no thanks this give me a minute okay it’s been 60
seconds gonna take my finger off and except for that just taking a little bit
blood there the which was from the site the wound itself is all sealed up so I’m
gonna brush the okay if I brush it off in this direction
yeah brush off the extra and then what we’ll have you do is carefully sit
upright so I hope it wasn’t too horrible to go through it really wasn’t your work
your job was the easiest one of any thanks for joining us and we also want
to tell you to keep subscribe so you can see other videos if you’re not already
subscribed hit that button those interested in seeing some behind the
scenes stuff you can look at the patreon and see what that’s all about bill thank
you so much for sharing with our folks out here especially folks like Lindsey
Ann wine antwine booboo Kitty Petra Rosenberg and also Meg lipo now thank
you ladies for helping out with this until next time bill and myself dr. Marc
Vaughn telling you to stay in good health


  • Claire Westmoreland

    I don't know why but those shave tools make me cringe lol! Will we get to find out the results of the biopsy Dr Vaughn? Would it be possible at all for you to let us know the follow up results on future videos if you don't plan on doing another filming session with the patient? I often find myself wondering what happened after the procedure, did they experience and difficulties or side effects and what the outcome is for them. XclaireX

  • Bevanna Magical raggybear

    It's good that Dr's are keeping an eye on patients skin, especially older people who when young, less was known about keeping your skin protected from the UV rays, and sun.

  • RealRuler2112

    I just shared this with my father- he was diagnosed several years ago with a basal cell & was scared to death over it. Turned out the lab work found it was really solar elastosis and they got it all with the biopsy, so he was clear. He's been paranoid about basal cells ever since though – seeing the treatment really put his mind at ease. Thank you both for sharing.

  • John Baugh

    That was great as always !

    For your own enjoyment, Dr. Geoff Butler, the Canadian doctor I mentioned before, and a rather bad burn treatment:

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