AVEENO® Breakfast Club – How to Take Care of your Baby’s Dry, Eczema-Prone Skin

Hi I’m Hannah and this is Toby I suffer with
dry, eczema prone skin and Toby does as well, so we are off to see Doctor Tomson to see
if we can get some advice about how to deal with it.
Can you tell me if Toby has any triggers? At first it seemed like it was really random
but it seems like any sudden changes in temperature so I noticed when we got towards the winter
and we were putting the central heating on, obviously it was cold outside and then it
was warmer in and I noticed that’s when it started to flare up quite a lot. And clothing
does seem to have an effect as well. You’ve actually identified some of the commonest
triggers. If the temperature in the environment drops then the humidity levels drop as well
and with the natural drop in humidity you’ll find his skin will become a little be dryer.
Other triggers involve pets and as you’ve rightly found out cotton or natural fibres
next to the skin are best, as often synthetic fibres or woolly clothing can flare up the
skin and make it more itchy. Do you have a routine with applying his creams
at the moment? Loosely, pretty much every time I change his
nappy or his clothing that’s about as much of a routine I can say we’ve got at the moment.
And how much cream are you getting through? One of the kind of I don’t know that size
bottles. I’ll easily get through one of those every kind of week or two.
The advice is for a child a baby or a child to get through 250 to 500 grams of cream per
week. Which is actually quite a lot. And the best thing is, as you are doing, is just apply
it at every opportunity. So you are doing the right thing doing it first thing in the
morning and last thing at night and I know as a busy mum it’s difficult to find that
time of in the day to put the cream on. Perhaps carrying a small tube, a 100 gram tube in
your nappy change bag and every time you can just pop some more cream on him, especially
if his skin is getting very dry. And there is the correct way to apply it and obviously
that will help with not clogging up the pores. The hair follicles can get irritated if the
cream is not applied in the right way. Can you show me how you apply the cream?
Sure, yeah. Best thing to use is a pump because if you’re
using a big tub then you are dipping your fingers in and out and that can introduce
infection into the tub of cream. I hadn’t thought about that.
So I just kind of literally just smother it on him, I hadn’t thought about anything else,
so I kind of just tend to do circular motions. It’s best not to rub, the ideal way is to
pop a little bit of cream on, enough to cover the area and then sort of smooth down in the
direction of the hair growth and the same on his legs as well. It’s good to use a fast
absorbing product in the day time, something non-fragranced, not heavily perfumed, fragrance
tends to irritate eczema-prone skin and dry skin. Just to summarise, put as much cream
as possible on him, you can’t use cream too often, try and avoid his trigger factors,
keep him nice and cool, wear cotton layers next to the skin and try and avoid wools.
Brilliant, thank you ever so much. I really appreciate it.
Thank you for coming. Say thank you. If you or your child suffer from dry, eczema-prone skin, here are my top tips.

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