Atopic Dermatitis: How can you prevent eczema outbreaks? | Mustela
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Atopic Dermatitis: How can you prevent eczema outbreaks? | Mustela

In terms of hygiene treatments, it is very important to use special baby and child products for atopic skin, which are always free of
soap and fragrances. Then in the bath, because often we don’t give showers to babies, we give them baths, it can be useful to add two or three capfuls of special bath oil to reduce the hardness of the water and to provide lipids, which the child’s skin needs, moisturising as you wash. After the bath, it is very important to pat
or dab the child’s skin to dry it, rather than rubbing, but still drying thoroughly. In terms of how often you bathe your child, it’s up to you. You could do it every other day, or every
day if you prefer, The important thing is that the bath water
should be about 35°, not too hot. Protecting the skin is where the emollients come in, so these are creams or if they’re even thicker they’re called balms, special “baby and child” emollient balms for atopic skin. They need to be applied at least once a day, twice a day would be even better if you have time. If you can, they recommend applying the treatment, the cream or the balm after the bath, because the skin is still damp from the water, so applying the cream over the top is very good. It promotes water penetration and the emollient cream or balm will reinforce the skin barrier, which is damaged or deteriorated in the child, providing a kind of protective coating for several hours. You can make applying cream to your child a relaxing and enjoyable experience, massaging the child at the same time and playing with them, you can just take five minutes of your time, I know it’s difficult these days, but that’s the guarantee of successful prevention for attacks of atopic eczema.

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