Apple Skin: Peeling Back Cancer
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Apple Skin: Peeling Back Cancer


  • imgingi

    Elsewhere I read that the chemicals sprayed on apples are concentrated on the peel therefore they should be discarded. Now I'm completely confused.

  • imgingi

    organic means less chemicals or of a different kind, I hope you are aware of that. They are there, the chemicals, on any organic products.

  • Clyde Rembrandt

    Sure, we can't escape air pollution with all the cars around either, but that does not mean we should aggravate the problem by smoking tobacco.

  • Dreamlife Films

    organics get sprayed too, but with "organic" pesticides as ruled by the government which are "organic" pesticides. and half of these still were found to be carcinogenous. unless they were grown in a backyard, i wouldn't give them 100 benefit of doubt

  • shortywarn

    you do realize there are some very nasty natural pesticides that will still let fruit and produce be considered organic right
    rotenone–six times more toxic than carbaryl(sevin) and lots o other examples
    i won't argue organic isn't a better choice,,,, but buying organic from supermarkets is still a risky proposition compared to on site or from a local

  • shortywarn

    i think that's by design,,,, and some big name suppliers are using the this to skate by with questionable practices whle still cashing in on the higher price
    now big name,, big biz organics are buying the rules they want

    such as smuckers buying santa cruz and other former mom and pop brands
    it's a minefield to navigate

  • Nils from Alaska

    The best choice of all, of course, is to grow your own. I used to live in a house that had two ancient, massive apple trees in the back yard. Man, they were delicious, and they were truly, genuinely organic. I miss those days. Currently I buy most of my produce at farmer's markets from farmers who are certified organic and will answer questions about exactly how they raise their crops. I agree that one has to be wary of supermarket "organic" food.

  • sxdirtbikedudemx

    This is why you should buy organic apples, like the ones mentioned in the video (that were bought from whole foods).

    Buying them locally would be even better.

  • houndjog

    Apples are on the "dirty dozen" list of foods we MUST buy organic because the pesticides go completely through the entire apple and thus cannot be washed off! The best organic apples are the ones with blemishes on them – not bruising – !

  • Gautam Bhattarai

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  • megan2white

    They used local Whole Foods apples – those are unsprayed/organically grown and fresh. I avoid sprayed foods whenever I can.

  • cry4turtles1

    Of course organic fresh apples are best; however, availability and cost sometimes dictate conventional apples. Don't jump in front of a freight train to avoid a bee sting. But conventional and wash them like a dirty dish. You will be exposed to some undesirables but oooo the nutrition! !!!

  • imgingi

    of course I heard of WASHING (no clue why you decided to cap, but whatever) – problem is – after reading extensively on the subject, I know it was never proven to substantially remove chemicals….

  • imgingi

    For all of you who tell me to go organic
    1) organic does not mean without chemicals!
    2) retailers can advertise whatever product they say as organic
    3) it costs almost double then regular apples…!

    My conclusion is that it's better to find some sort of soap or chemicals neutralizer than to relay on "organic" claims. If you have any suggestions – let me know.

  • imgingi

    Thank you for the link. I did read in various places that washing does not help at all when it comes to products with high water content (strawberries for example) since the chemicals are in the water inside them.

  • justgivemethetruth

    get organic. but even if not organic check the two lists ….
    1. the dirty dozen, highest in pesticides, apples are at the top of that list.
    2. the clean fifteen, lowest in pesticides, onions at the top of this list.

  • johnmason168

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  • Joseph Shawa

    Bad science. Ground up apple skins? Gala apples? How much was skin how much was juice? Maybe the juice is the cancer killer. How would you compare this direct approach to digested apple products? Where is the science???? This is all trashy anecdote and conjecture.

  • l

    One little problem here…. Maspin is a protein. Adding it to cell culture will allow it to have an effect since it can directly reach the cancer cells in culture. However it does not survive intact when ingested. So eating Maspin from apple peels is not likely to be protective.

  • Matthew Keith

    I learned in my Agriculture class that all chemicals used on fruits these days are completely safe for humans. They're only dangerous if you like consume the pure chemical, which would require some.. thousands of apples. Really, it's better to just eat whatever part of it you like. If you dislike the taste of the peel, then discard it. If you like it, then eat it. You shouldn't be scared of what diseases you'll get (though I'm not saying not to be cautious), but you should enjoy life and food 🙂

  • Matt N

    find an old field where unsprayed abandoned apple trees are growing, even large crabapples. or ask a neighbor who doesn't spray there tree if you can pick some. many people who don't spray their trees aren't interested in the apples.

  • StillTrustNo1

    Ironic that Gerson institute has used apples in their healing process since the thirties coincidence? I think not… maybe you should go to them and see their data.

  • Peter Hall

    however! due to pesticide use, apples should be pealed and the peal discarded since apples are treated in high doses with pesticides. On the other hand, not so for Organic apples. I think Doc told us in another video. It's difficult to win isn't it

  • Scott Broyles

    Organic only people. I hate that its true but your regular store bought apples are usually weeks old by the time you buy them & sprayed with multiple chemicals & preservatives. 

  • berr rex

    Very hard to find an apple that's not genetically engineered. I have had bad luck trying to find a normal organic apple in the winter. I only buy organic and most grocery chain stores lie. Cut the apple and see if it turns brown …it takes days or weeks..

  • Miranda K

    How long is the average shelf life of an apple? Because I just ate an apple that sat on my counter for like two months… It tastes perfectly fine though lol now should I worry about them preservatives?

  • Kami

    Does the fact that these are in petri dishes and not in the human body surrounded by the organs change anything about the effectiveness of these methods of preventing cancer?

  • Gra Piken

    If you look at the lists for the 'Clean 15' and the 'Dirty Dozen' , you'll see that apples dominate the number 1 spot for being covered in pesticides.

    You can't wash these residues off because they have been absorbed into the skin. Even some organic apples have residues.

    The toxicity of these chemicals used on our fruit and vegetables is never addressed in these videos.

    A crucial question needs asking: do the health benefits outweigh the risks posed by chemicals on our food?

  • The Artificial Society

    But can we really absorb the special nutrients in the peel? Certain foods just go down the shoot undigested. Is this where a blender really comes in useful?

  • One Strange Animal

    Unfortunately in Sweden, where I live, apples (even organic ones) are waxed and I don't think the wax is all that healthy.

  • Hangfire-13

    Yes, but treating cancer cells in a petri dish is very different than a human body. Isn't it true that most cancer cells in a petri dish will die regardless what you add?

  • cool breeze

    For those of you concerned or just curious, organic apples ARE better. In fact, the MORE organic, the better. The REAL reason why conventional apples from the grocery store are so big and shiny is because of the wax and chemicals in them. It makes them look appealing and last longer but they aren’t so good for your health. Ideally, you should get an all organic apple and it should look small and not really shiny. Example of an ideal all organic apple:

  • Jakob W

    In INDUSTRIAL apples, the ones with all those PESTICIDES, should one be eating them, disregarding the harmful effects in favour of the beneficial ones?

  • ItsYou NotMe

    Unfortunately, I’m a little allergic (sensitive?) and if I eat apples with the peel I get nauseous. I have to peel them unless I’m going to be cooking the apples.

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