APPLE FACE PACK FOR DRY SKIN & WRINKLES PROBLEM II झुर्रियों और रूखी त्वचा के लिए सेब का फेस पैक II

Hi Sometime due to change of weather your skin becomes dry due to this you have wrinkles & lost the glow of your face so, to get back the glow of skin & to make your skin healthy we will make a face pack which name is apple mix face pack so, come and let’s see how does apple mix face pack will be made for this we require 1 egg yolk apple juice with peel Honey, vinegar & almond oil. in a bowl will take 1 egg yolk & will add 1 spoon apple juice with the peel 1/2 spoon honey 1/2 spoon vinegar and almond oil, which we will use only 1/2 spoon now we will mix it well now this apple mix face pack is ready either with cotton brush or with face brush apply this on your complete face & neck. Wash off after 15-20 minutes with luke warm water and then how your skin will glow back again. And you can also subscribe our channel for so much of beauty tips. Thank you..

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