Amazing Benefits of Matcha Green Tea for Your Skin Beauty |  3 DIY Face Masks
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Amazing Benefits of Matcha Green Tea for Your Skin Beauty | 3 DIY Face Masks

Matcha! Matcha! Matcha! so you probably seen a bunch of cute little cafes popping up everywhere around wherever you guys are I’m in New York City and those places like Matcha bar, Chailait there’s Cha Cha Matcha and like every other cafe just seems to sell something that’s matcha flavored matcha lattes matcha banana bread which is like one of my personal favorites teas beverages everything just seems to be Matcha! Matcha! Matcha! but actually besides from aesthetics and how cute it looks matcha is actually packed with a lot of antioxidants more than green tea not only when you ingest it but when you actually put it on your skin and your body and the antioxidants in matcha is actually the EGCG antioxidants and it will actually slow down your aging process I’m going to show you three masks that you can do at home and they are for nourishing for brightening and for acne treatment and also as a way of like relaxation at home it actually does have properties that calm and soothe your mind and make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already for one cup of green tea it’s equivalent to ten cups of normal steeped green tea green tea is the dried oxidized leaf that you kind of steep in water and then you drink as a tea right? but matcha is actually the whole green tea leaf that’s stone ground so you are essentially drinking the entire leaf which is why the antioxidant properties are like through the roof and you only need half a teaspoon to actually enjoy it so it’s this really fine, vibrant green powder if you guys are chocolate fanatics it’s got seven times more antioxidants than dark chocolate which is known for its like health benefits as well and if you’re like Popeye it’s got 60 times more antioxidants than spinach so all of that in just one cup of matcha so are you thinking what ways can I other than drinking it put it on my face? what you’re going to need is your own little matcha powder I got mine from a place called “the matcha reserve” and this is good for nourishing and moisturizing your face so if you guys have really dry skin especially you know for us coming out of winter this is just a really simple mask that you can just do at home okay so for the next mask which is for acne so you’re going start off with a bowl and then you’re going to get like a teaspoon of matcha powder like this and then I’m going to put a pinch of ground cinnamon so cinnamon has really good acne fighting properties so I’m just going to put a little bit of that just a little pinch like a teaspoon of honey and a tiny bit of hot water and then you can just kind of mix it around okay so let’s go put this one on our face wink you can like smell the cinnamon mmmmm spicy! all right and we’re going to wait for about 15 minutes just until it becomes a little sticky and dry and then we’ll wash it off again so the reason why we put cinnamon in the mask is because cinnamon will actually help to stop acne causing bacteria on the face and the honey works to reduce redness and restore moisture in the skin so they work together in this really awesome mask and obviously the matcha is good for the antibacterial antioxidant properties which will help slow down the aging process and also help fight free radicals which means it will be harder for bacteria to actually like infect your skin which can cause a lot of acne and blemishes and trying not to lick my entire face off so it’s been about 15 minutes and then you can tell it’s kind of like sticky now but it’s not like those mud masks where you can’t move your face and you’re like hmm this one is still very flexible I’m just going to wash it off now let’s go moisturize so you can tell now that feels so nice and just like supple oh my God and it’s actually like brightened it a little if you guys are feeling a little more dull there’s a brightening mask that you can do with match honey yogurt and the last mask I like to do is for inflammation and acne fighting you just use matcha, honey and a pinch of cinnamon and that will really just reduce the inflammation it’s just really simple oh my God so yes it explodes sometimes and then you want to just mix that around with a little bit of water stir stir stir so if you feel that the mask is a little bit too runny just add a little bit more honey so this is my mixture! and I’m actually just going to apply it with a brush dab it dab it dab put this one all over the face like this it’s like painting using a brush to apply masks makes it so much more like therapeutic and zen it feels legit you could totally eat all of these masks or you can just add milk to this and drink the rest there’s so many things that you can do with it I look like Shrek Mmm delicious we’re just going to leave this on for like 15-20 minutes and you want to just let all the antioxidants and the honey the benefits of honey soak in this is a cleanser that I have and it’s got matcha in it as well so this is the matcha hemp seed hydrating cleanser and it’s from “Krave” if you guys haven’t watched my acne treatment video I explained how this cleanser has really helped with soothing my skin so let’s come back in about 15 minutes and we’ll wash it off still in that’s it for the DIY masks because it’s so gentle you can do this like two to three times a week depending on how much matcha you want to spend on your face so those are the ways you can put it on topically alright so after you’ve done the mask and you just want to like relax or even during the mask when you’re waiting for it to kind of like dry up I’m going to show you the steps for ceremonial matcha tea I have this which is a matcha whisker and if you go to “Cha Cha Matcha” they also use this but they somehow put this thing on like a power drill so it just whisks the crap out of it it makes it really frothy but if you’re doing it at home I think this is really great because this is what you’re supposed to kind of mix the matcha powder with and this is called a “Chasen” if this is the first time you’re using it if you got a new one you’ll want to soak it in some water just so it kind of softens these bamboo bristles yeah it just creates a really soft froth this thing that looks like a little earwax picker, it is not it is made of bamboo and it’s actually like the spoon to scoop matcha powder in I want to show you my favorite cup that I always used to make Matcha this is my dedicated matcha cup it’s a little dog and it’s got these four little feet I got it in Thailand at chatuchak chatuchak markets so this is my favorite this is the ceremonial strawberry matcha powder and comes like this I also have a chocolate one but I’ll show you what I do and then I’ll take the scoop and put about one of these in and that’s plenty because it’s really bitter I’m just going to pour a little bit in there just like that and then this cup is actually perfect I feel because you can just fit it in there and still kind of whisk it up whisk it up in here you can see the foam is starting to develop and then I just do this for about a minute this is how I have it at home isn’t it just the cutest thing? there’s a routine to it you have to make this W shape go around in a circle and then lift it up it’s like slightly frothed it’s not supposed to be like beaten into egg whites you know type of thing just keep whisking it until all the bubbles form okay so when you whisk that all up I like to just put a little bit more water because it’s very concentrated and then you have the perfect cup of matcha when you serve it to someone you have to like twist it and then they’ll receive it and then it’s like “thank you so much” it’s not sweet but if you wanted to add a little bit more sweetness to it I like to add honey rather than actual sugar because it’s much more healthy just better for the body and it just helps like calm you down after a really long day so the l-theanine property actually helps to calm your mind and it has like a really soothing effect in the body which is why drinking some green tea over coffee is actually much more beneficial for the body and just your body will thank you for it if you’re into the whole relaxing and if you really are into green tea and drinking matcha it’s just like a nice item to have when you’re at home just chilling and when you’re done if you have one of these make sure you don’t wash it with like detergent just soak it in water for a bit there’s actually one of these it comes with this and you just rest it like that because these little bristles are really delicate so there’s just so many ways that you can prepare it just keep in mind that every time you add milk to tea it will decrease the actual benefits of the tea compared to if you were to just have it by itself so simple is always best so I hope you guys enjoyed this matcha video let me know if there’s any cafes that you guys are really into whether you’re in New York City or wherever you are make sure you’re also following our Instagram which is the official “Beauty Within” I’ll leave all the details below tag us in your matcha photos I’d love to see them all because they’re just so cute and make sure you’re subscribed and see you in the next video Bye!


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