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AM ☀️SKINCARE for Mature | Dry | Dehydrated Skin | Hada Labo | Obagi | Heimish |

Welcome back to my channel. I wanted to take you through my current morning skincare routine. It’s mostly Asian Products but I do have a couple Obagi products in there as well. I’m gonna take you through what I’m doing for my dehydrated mature skin and I am finding that layering these products is Incredibly effective. So let’s get started First thing that I have been doing is I’ve actually been taking this oil and water from hada, labo This is actually squalane oil and it has vitamin b3 and vitamin e in it and it is an oil in Water and the way that this is suggested that it’s used is one pump pumped in Pumped into your palm of your hand and then Pat it into your skin Using it just like an essence the way that I’ve been using it Just recently I’ve been trying it out is I have been putting it on first before I go in with my Hainish Which is a cleansing balm that is a balm to oil you it emulsifies Into an oil oil and then I add a little bit of water to the combo of these two turns into a milky substance I rinse it off and I go on with my second cleanse I am really loving it even though this Halawa product is it called for that way? I kind of am liking adding even more moisture into my first cleanse, so I’m loving it However, this is fantastic on the skin It goes just soaks right in no stickiness, no fragrance It’s there’s no animal derivatives. The squalene is actually plant derived. It’s really really a fantastic product I am actually liking also using this a couple pumps Into my damp skin after I get out of the shower or the bath and it just soaks in and leaves you Weightless hydration on your body. It’s fantastic I really really am enjoying it that way especially in mornings when you’re in a hurry you don’t have time to wait for a lotion to soak in so you can get dressed that kind of stuff this oil and Lotion is really really great. I’m loving it. Next thing that I’m doing is I’m actually going in with this. This is a clean it’s from sauna and This is such a fantastic second cleanse you guys it actually has a bean seed extract and Soybean protein in it. It is kind of like a milky moosie feeling cleanser That doesn’t immediately foam up. So it’s very very hydrating not stripping and with all the soy it’s brightening I love it for that I know that I’m rinsing it off of my face But anything that might contribute even a little bit to the brightness of my skin I’m all about and so I’m really liking this very much and I love the way it leaves my skin incredibly comfortable when I’m going in with Next is my skull blue mist I am spraying a pretty generous amount on my face and On my neck and decollete when my decollete is exposed and this mist I’ve talked about it before What is very cool about it? Is that its third ingredient ingredient is niacinamide It also has Allen toe in it, which is amazing for acne If you have a cast gotu kola, it has Lotus it has so many fantastic ingredients I’m going to actually list them down below in the description box because top to bottom This mist is just fabulous and I am loving putting it on and following it up with another Lotion from hada labo, which I talked about before you guys and not is the lotion that has our butan in it And as I said before anything that has hyaluronic acid and has our butan is all I’m all about it I love a leave on with our butan because anything that is a pigment inhibitor is my friend and I’m enjoying putting this on. Well, my mist is still damp. Now while this is still damp. I then go in with the lotion the milk this is the Surgeon milk from hada labo I go in while my mist and my lotion are still damp on my face and I follow up With this and I am loving just letting all of that soak into my skin I find that all of those ionic acids work together and they draw that mist in I feel like I’m just getting So much benefit from the sculpt limbus and then the H s that are hydrophilic and they’re attracting all of those good things to them Plumping up my skin. It’s a fantastic combination So depending on the day some days I am going in with my hada, labo This is the super high uronic acid Gel cream and I love this now if I don’t need a ton of hydration I’m actually just putting a little bit and Blending any of the things that I’ve done up until that point all of these steps My skin is pretty hydrated in a very lightweight fashion What I’m doing now is I’m going in with the elastic term for mabashi this contains caffeine It’s a roller ball. I love it I try to keep it in the fridge But even if I don’t it’s extremely soothing but the caffeine is so good for helping with puffiness I go in right after that with my puff off from Benefit use a generous amount of this and I tap both in Until they are disappeared til they disappear I go over my eyelids and everything and I am Telling You the combination of the Obagi? With the caffeine and the puff off. I’m battling the puffiness. I am so impressed with those two products I love the puff off all by itself. But now that I’ve incorporated the ibadi the elastic term rollerball It’s like the results are even more magnified which is hard to even believe on dates than I need it I will go ahead and use my Jade roller if I have time the final step in my skincare is Bai suzhen or bhaji and this is her calming Complex and what I love about this is it is an SPF 25, which is fantastic It is tinted and the tint, isn’t it is neither too cool nor too warm or too dark It’s just the perfect tint and it has peptides and it’s got calming aloe in it It is such a fantastic product. I use this on every single client after every single procedure that I do I love it people leave glowing and part of it is the treatment and part of it. Is this product? I love it. Then after that I go in with my makeup and I am off and running I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you have any questions about all of this skincare, leave them down below I’m happy to answer. Let me know what you guys are using for your skin right now going into the summer What’s your favorite? So I’m totally curious if you’ve tried any Asian skincare or what your favorites are at the moment I hope that you have a wonderful week and I will talk to you guys again very very soon


  • Allison Chase

    You're so amazing, you've inspired me to switch up my skincare routine at the moment. I love the Clinique SPF for face, I use it all yea round. It's a little thick, but with my dehydrated skin it doesn't bother me too much. I'm still using serums from The Ordinary, but now I'm currently looking for a new nighttime eye cream. Any suggestions? I'm looking for something that will be very nourishing and hydrating.

  • Robbie Curbo

    Hi Penn (Love your name). I’m 56 and have dry mature skin I’m interested in your products you’ve mentioned here. I’ve used and like the Hada Labo products. The hylaronic serum I’ve enjoyed over the years. I’m currently using tatsha rice cleanser which I add a drop of oil to instead of water. Seems to help my dry skin a lot. Then tns serum, MaeLove vitamin C, No 7 hyaluronic , timeless matrxly , Marula oil No 7 caffeine eye cream Ha5 skin medica and then moisturizer. However I’m looking over these products you have mentioned and the ingredients are wonderful. Will definitely try some of these. Really enjoy your videos! Thank you!

  • KathysBeautyCareChats

    I love this!!!!! And girl! The Sculplla!!!! Hydrated in a lightweight fashion – Love that!! Yessss girl jumping into the Korean plumping, glass skin, luminous, dewy skincare!! Love it!!! I'll let you know what all I get!!! I'm sure you'l be on-call for me!! LOL!!! Love you gorgeous!!! xoxoxo!!!

  • Dawn's Life, over 40

    Hi Penn!! This sounds lovely!! I am so into the Korean method of skincare! I’m making a list!! You look luminous!!!
    Love you!!!😘💗

  • ohhjacqui xo

    Hi there lovely, fantastic video ❤️ I'm going to look at some of these products as this is my first time seeing them. I'm going to be all over those links. xo

  • Ranalynn’s Lifestyle & Beauty

    Good morning gorgeous. Thank you for demonstrating for us on what you use for your AM skincare routine. Having a step by step process. You did an excellent job on this video. I always enjoy your energy. Have a great week. Aloha 🌺…Ranalynn

  • Mari

    Always LOVE your informative vids, beautiful Penn 😘 I also love Korean & Japanese skin care, your tips and the fact, that you always use Hyaluronic Acid RIGHT; on the DAMP skin 😉 And I love Hada Labo too, and your tips & reviews are so helpful (esp. because of we still don’t have any Hada Labo here in Europe and have to order all the goodies online with damn shipping costs ;( I think I have to order HL Oil next! Have you tried any other new goodies from them? My current faves are💧Hada Labo Hyaluronic Cleansing Foam,💧Dr Dennis Gross Universal Peeling Pads & FAB Facial Radiance Pads, 💧HL Hyaluronic Lotion Rich (= Toner/Essence) & Isntree Hyaluronic Toner, 💧HL Hyaluronic Essence (= Serum), 💧Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Eye Serum & Hyaluronic Dew It All Eye Gel, 💧HL Skin Plumping Gel Cream/ La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Night and ☀️HL Perfect UV Gel.

  • Gracefully Aging With Betsy

    I have been thinking about trying some of the Korean skincare, so I was glad to see this video! Your skin is so pretty, I am definitely going to try it!

  • Marlene Fab & Glam Over 50

    Hi Penn! This was great and so informative. I haven't used any of these products but will be trying once I finish with my Obagi. Do you think I could stop the Obagi for a bit? I'd really like to try some/all these products you talked about but don't think I should combine with the Obagi. Thoughts? xoxo

  • Lana Lane

    Great video. I am into anything that brightens! Your skin is beautiful. I def want to try some of these products.Thanks!

  • Nathalie TheBeautyDiva

    Good Morning Penn, you have absolutely gorgeous skin and I just loved all of the products that you incorporated into your routine, as a dry-skinned gal I can attest to the Hada Labo products, they are the best for my skin too!! Lookin' gorgeous darlin'!! Love & hugs, Nathalie xoxo

  • HauteMamaslive

    I really have to get into some asian skin care, still wading through some ordinary products, but my next purchase is going to be of some hada lobo products for sure!

  • Monika's Beauty & Lifestyle

    I've used some Korean Skincare that Pride in Photos Beauty talked about in some of her views. I think Asian Skincare products are awesome and so very affordable. Happy Wednesday Penn!

  • Coffee With Nadia

    I'm currently discovering all the Korean skincare and I feel like I just had a good educational lesson. Thank you so so much for doing this video. 😍 😉 By the way, I just started a "Sparkly Summer tag" and I would love for you to join in. The Tag video is in my trailer 😘 xoxo Nadia

  • Marta Laura Zayas

    i love these products. they are totally new for me. i need lots of moisture. niacinamide is so good for you! your eyes are so beautiful.

  • HappinessSparkles !!

    I need to get on the Korean skincare wagon …
    Just love all the tips and tricks you give us girls and the fact you know your stuff makes me feel comfortable in taking anything you say seriously,just love you girl
    Love Frances

  • BlondeTeaParty

    Hey, Penn, loved this video, I'm taking notes! So many new and interesting brands to look up! Your skin is simply glowing! Thank you for sharing your morning routine it was delightful ♥ Much love xoxo Shaz

  • Claire Phaneuf

    Hi I would love to see how you do a bun with 3 ponytails and make it into a Flower-read this on KathysBeautyCareChats- bun tutorial Please love Claire in Canada

  • Kathy Harvey

    Thank you for the recommendation of the Suzan Obagi Soothing Complex SPF 25. I ordered it and I love it. It really gives my skin a beautiful healthy glow.

  • All That Beauty With Lori

    I marked some of these, so I have them saved on my wishlist on Amazon, will definitely after I get through some of my other products, give some of these a try. Always love hearing about Korean skincare, thanks for sharing!! Have a good weekend xoxo <3

  • Dotty Palmatary

    Admitted skincare junkie here 😊 So happy I found this video I'd definitely like to purchase the Sculppa Mist my email is [email protected] Lots of great products I need to look into 💋

  • Jennifer L

    I love these kinds of videos. But why on earth would you double cleanse in the morning? I just don’t see the benefit. 🤷‍♀️

  • Lady Ana

    Double cleansing in the AM- with dry irritated skin, it never occurred to me to try!! My town has added tons of chlorine and chemicals to the water. It’s making my skin angry. Any suggestions? Am 53 Use retin-a. Live in dry West Texas. Thanks for all you do!! Keep glowing

  • Martha Ayalew

    Hi do u get botox?
    Y skin so firm! I haven't found product that will firm.. Am trying retin a so far so good but nothing miracle.

  • Misty Anderson

    Penn, help! I ordered something you recommended and not sure what it is now? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I tagged you in my insta post. ❤️ I thought it was the eye cream, but I don’t think so now… I can’t read the directions. 🤣

  • Stacey O

    Hi. So happy I found you! I have the Sculpla mist (and masks). I’m not seeing many results. And the mist fragrance is so strong. Is that much fragrance bad?

  • Clara Barrera beautyisageless55

    Penny, I have always, for no particular reason, done my eye serums and creams last in my skincare routine. I had a subscriber ask me in my last morning skincare routine video if it makes a difference if you do the eyes first or last, any suggestions or does it really matter. Thanks💓

  • miu miu

    Hi Penn..hooe this is reaching you well 💖
    would you still recommend all of this hada labo products or did any even better versions come out meanwhile ?

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