Alternativa perfecta para la piel seca Perfect alternative to dry skin

For dry skin we will use a little olive oil one thorny chayote if not prickly, use boneless but it has fewer properties a knife, a spoon a glass bottle It may be so, or so depending if you want to use only once or if they want to keep it in the fridge and have it available for many times that are going to use it first we part the chayote half We take the two parts of chayote if you have sensitive hands can wrap it in a napkin to not damage your hands and we will rub it an energetic rubbing get a froth This froth, have to be collected with a spoon It is good exercise during any exercise must be rehydrated those with the most delicate hands chayote can use this spineless we will begin to rub This is the froth this is what we will use This chayote is doing more foam than the thorny this is the amount let’s add a little olive oil extravirgin Is important tah it is extravirgin not refined o extracted with chemicals we add it and mix well with foam we collected probably they are going to be some little bits there but do not bother They have healing properties regenerative wetting sinking of toxins It can be done in a blender, but it’s more fun that way It is already dissolved now we have to leave this oil for 5 days so that the active ingredients are extracted we will put it in a clean bottle Very important: we will put a label double for not mudslide in case of fall a little oil chayote oil and we put today’s date Well let’s find out how much oil has old we put it in the refrigerator not in the freezer and we wait five days after five days we can apply it this is a humectant oil for dry skin drains toxins moisturizes the skin and renews the skin for who insistently ask me if it can be applied on the face near the eyes you have to apply it with this finger because this is the finger that is less powerful of all fingers It is the most delicate with a very slight movement we will apply it in places where we feel there is dry skin click at I like i you like the video and subscribe to my channel share my video on your facebook and in your twitter share it with those who might be interested or it could be useful them goodbye

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