Alison’s eczema is gone for good. Homeopathic treatment.
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Alison’s eczema is gone for good. Homeopathic treatment.

my name is Alison and I consulted Ingrid
should homeopathy back in 2013 I came to see her because I was suffering from
eczema on my hands since I was about a preteen I started suffering from eczema
I went to a doctor I got some cortisone cream and I found that all it did was
make it worse it would go away and then it would come back tenfold and finally I
had enough and so I decided I’m going to go see a homeopathy because nothing else
is working and so when I started in back in 2013
within the first month it was 70 to 90 percent better and my hands were already
getting clearer I also had issues with food and that also helped me and my
sleep was getting better food allergies so and then I have to say within the
first year everything was gone my hands were clear no more eczema I was sleeping
better it never really came back

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