Alaina’s Journey with Acne
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Alaina’s Journey with Acne

(uplifting music) – I started having acne a little bit earlier than
the rest of my classmates. I remember, in middle school
and early on in high school, I would try to cover it
up with a bunch of makeup, and it just ultimately
made it look even worse, and that’s always what
was in the back of my head when I was talking to other people, like oh, they’re probably
looking at my face right now. – As she got older, it
started to progress, and we tried the TV stuff, we tried the off-the-counter stuff, then we started to go
to the dermatologist, and this went on for years. Unfortunately, it did not get better. – [Alaina] So, one night,
I remember going on and I Googled best dermatologist
in the state of Michigan, and I ultimately found Dr. Sachs, and as soon as we got there, she laid out all these different options that we hadn’t even heard of before, and it was just like
a breath of fresh air. – I think you tend to
downplay it a little bit that it’s not so bad. You know, she’s a beautiful girl. It’s not gonna last long, but Alaina knew. She knew she wanted this doctor. She knew she wanted to be at U of M, and she was convinced that this was going to be a perfect fit. – [Alaina] Looking back,
I think those situations have really shaped me
into who I have become. Just my whole overall confidence
that I have with myself has really evolved. I would just say thank
you a million times, and they’ve really shaped
my life for the better.

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