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Hey! Christy here again. We’re going to
talk about how to get rid of bumps on your face. Now, we’re going to focus
mostly on products to use on how to reduce those bumps. If these bumps that
you have on your face are flesh-colored, then the best type of products that you
want to use, or ingredients you want to look for, is Glycolic Acid. Glycolic Acid
is an AHA or “Alpha Hydroxy Acid”, and it is derived from fermented sugar. It is
the smallest molecule of all the different acids, so it penetrates the
Stratum Corneum QUICKLY. And what it does, it is very effective in breaking down
the intercellular cement that holds the dead skin cells together that
potentially can cause the bumps on your face. Some of the products that you can
look for a Glycolic Acid in are cleansers, exfoliants, serums, lotions,
creams, and masks. Now, I don’t recommend that you use EVERYTHING that has
Glycolic Acid because then what’s going to happen is, you can experience
irritation, scaliness, flakiness, dryness. So, you are now OVER exfoliating your
face and you can experience “T.E.W.L.”, which is TRANS-EPIDERMAL WATER LOSS. And that’s
basically reducing your skin’s ability to hold on to that moisture because you
are exfoliating your skin too quickly. So, now you have an opposite problem. Now,
Salicylic Acid is a “Beta Hydroxy Acid”. So, that is effective in loosening the dead
skin cells, the actual dead skin cells. The AHA both eats through the dead
skin cells and the intercellular bond that holds the dead skin cells together,
so the most effective is to try to get products that have both an AHA and a
BHA in your products. So, one I like is the MD Dermaceutrical Duo-Action
Exfoliating Cleanser. Now, it says “duo-action”, but the reason
why I like it is, it actually has TRIPLE acids. It has the Glycolic Acid,
it has the Lactic Acid, and it also has the Salicylic Acid, so it has all three.
Lactic Acid is typically derived from fermented milk, and that is a more gentle
form of an AHA as well, so it has all three. So, it is very effective in
addressing both the flesh-colored bumps, the red bumps, and the red bumps that
have pus in them. So, that’s why I like it. You cannot buy it over-the-counter,
you do have to see a professional Esthetician to go ahead and get it
shipped to you or to go ahead and purchase it. Now, the reason why I like
this triple-action cleanser is because not only does it address Acne, but it
also addresses fine lines and wrinkles, and lightening and brightening. So, it
addresses a whole array of skincare concerns. Now, here are some ingredients
that you want to AVOID using because it can be “comedogenic”, which means it can
clog the pores. Here are some things: Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Petrolatum, Coconut
Oil, Talc, Argan Oil, Iodine, Algae, Cocoa Butter, Talc, LAKES, which are, if you
look very carefully at your intense heavily pigmented eye-shadow, or some
blushes, and even some foundation can be in there, HIGHLY irritating to the skin,
or can be, as well as Lanolin. There are a whole list and array of things that can
be comedogenic, but these I have found to be the most comedogenic for most people.
Okay, so we talked about how to reduce the amount of bumps that are on your
face by using some products that have Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid,
and avoiding a whole array of ingredients that can potentially cause
these bumps. If you are interested in a make-up that is specifically for Acne-prone skin or oily skin, then check out our video on that right
here, and thanks for watching!


  • Carla Cavv

    New subscriber here!! This is a great video, I definitely need to purchase these products! Hope you can check out try channel as well. xo

  • Liz Torres

    I have no problem with petrolatum and the like, and I hae acne prone, oily skin. When I couldn't find suitable products I used to put on aloe vera gel on a wet face and seal it with vaseline. No breakouts from that. Simple lotions are similar, like Vanicream light. No problem with that either. Coconut oil messed up my face when I attempted to oil cleanser with it. I got so many breakouts, not good. I have problems with blushes and bronzers breaking me out, inspite of owning quite a few hi and low end.

  • Social Media Love

    Great tutorial! What about doTERRA essential oils! We use lavender and tee tree in my household. Let me know what you think?

  • Emery Jackman

    Hi! Good to learn about the different acids! I use perfectly posh. Check it out on my channel, you would love it! Naturally based, good for your skin. New subscriber here!

  • Brenda D

    Hey, this kind of approach is very actionable. Thanks for reminding us. And if you want to speed up the process and have younger and radiant skin within 5 days… try looking for Cybil Lenglore's website. Maybe a bit too extreme for some people, but definitely a good read.

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