A young child from Syria suffers from a serious skin disease طفل مصاب بمرض خطير#محمد_نجم

I am Mohammed Najm. We are now in Idlib, in the Eastern Province of Sarkab, in the Yazan family. His mother will tell us about the child’s illness and how his condition has become The child weighs a third case I have in this house I gave birth to two children before my son suffered the same disease with the bubble at the time of Mato six days after they were born in the hospital The child is now four years old with an illness, a serious skin condition and his condition is very sad day after day, which worsens his condition in most neighborhoods when he took off his clothes as the child cries because of the pain of his skin stuck in his clothes I felt that I was taking the goat’s skin away from her and she was alive. My son was in the same way because his skin was always stuck on his clothes. To the extent that he becomes anemic and has to take him to the hospital to put a new blood for my son who weighs blood donation is not available and his father and his blood to prove to his little son weighs a long time until the father can never give him Therefore, our refugee to hospitals to help us provide blood to my son weighs and the hospitals sometimes help us in this, and sometimes he is unable to secure blood dosages for my child because of the harsh conditions of the war in Syria I am the mother of a child who weighs and asks every organization and doctor in the world when he hears my voice to help me in what can help my son on or help me travel abroad for treatment because his treatment is not available here because of the bad war conditions that Syria is going through in general Apart from being treated with simple medication as a sterilizer and some of the analgesic drugs to relieve the pain And most of the time begins to rub his body strongly until the blood out of his skin because of the severe pain that affects my son and see him unable to help him and the sight of his body indicates my words My fourth-year-old son, who suffers from a serious skin disease known as the world-famous pox, has two children before him and dies of the same disease. He lives only for a week and then tofu and I was able to take him to the city from Hama at the time of the war displacement Very affected because of this needs a moderate atmosphere It is very dilapidated in its condition and is deteriorating due to repeated displacement. This is the seventh time that displacement has taken place inside Idlib Our physical condition is very bad, my son weighs the needs of the treatment and I do not have the cost of his treatment so I do not have the price of clothing for his skin. I hope that anyone can help my child if he lives in Turkey, America or any country I would like to help my child. And returns to normal like any other child Any doctor who goes to him in Idlib, a dermatologist tells you that his treatment is not available here in Syria, and the doctor can only help me with some sterilizers for my son and Maram and traveling outside Syria costs us a lot of money and we do not have anything for that.

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