A recurrent cyst removed via punch biopsy tool
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A recurrent cyst removed via punch biopsy tool

So this was removed, this has been here for 10 years, ten years and you had it lanced twice and they tried to remove it but it didn’t come. They actually never excised it, well they did excise it, they put stitches here. Somebody actually cut it out and put stitches, right? Yes. -And then it came back.
-The second time. Little baby pinch here okay? I’m going to put some numbing right there. -You already said you didn’t feel too much.
-Yeah. Ooo I just got sprayed. Thankfully it was on my shirt. You got me sprayed. That’s okay, it was my fault, I should’ve just… Keep my mouth shut. Did you get that Jocelyn? The spray, did you see I got it Chris and Valerie? I got payback. Yours is out to get me, out for blood. *laughing* I’m going to just tape your hair back a little bit. Let me see, let me see what we’ve got here first. What we’re trying to do is see if we can get it out without having to do a wider excision because this has been removed before, it’s been tampered with before. So that might mean that it won’t come off in one easy piece but it just felt so nice and easy. You okay? Mmhmm I think it might come out. You okay over there? I need you to push down on the top so I can grab it. It’s just not… not behaving. It’s not letting me grab it. I’m going to grab a little bit and then I’m going to try to tease it. -I’m not hurting you, right?
-No -Make sure you tell me if I ever hurt you.
-Okay I’m going to push against you. -Your husband doesn’t like to squeeze stuff like this huh?
-He does not, no. You have to travel an hour away to get somebody to do that for you *laughing* I bet you could’ve found someone closer if you put an ad out *laughing* They’re everywhere, popaholics are everywhere. -You’re okay?
-Yeah. Okay, it’s coming out. There was a tendon at the end, that one’s obviously a cyst. I would be shocked if that one came back. Look at that, it’s nice and clean. Now, you think you have someone to help you take a little suture out? Oh yeah, no problem. Yeah you can do that in like I’m going to say about ten days. Sure. I think there’s going to be two. Okay, yeah, no problem. Let me double check, but I’m pretty sure it’ll just be two. May I ask what your tattoo is? Is it a family member? It was my high school boyfriend. Yeah he passed away I’m so sorry. At least it wasn’t right on there. -So it doesn’t distort it and give it different words.
-Yeah *laughs*


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