A Life-Changing Pop with Dr Pimple Popper
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A Life-Changing Pop with Dr Pimple Popper

This has been removed before and also been inflamed before You’re doing fantastic sorry it has to be in such a tough area that we gotta’… Do such awkward things to you here. don’t hold your breath! breath thats the most important thing for us! Please Please Breathe! I free dive Wow you do?! Now that’s interesting (so I’m practicing) I think I need to actually squeeze it I was going to see if I could try to get it out whole but the problem with that is that it takes a lot longer I see it, its right there! But its kind of sticking to ya! We see the top of it but it’s not, it’s not open yet It’s so pristine and pretty that I don’t want to puncture it But I know Im probably going to have to I don’t think that I can get it out. We’re all admiring your cyst! I bet you could feel that pressure relief Definitely a cyst, and we definitely just deflated it. And now we’ll just try to carefully tease the rest of it out And it got inflamed before, and now its grown back pretty big, its really obscured your vision. It’s cramping your style, your friends have nicknames for you it’s not so nice! All the little kids that I teach sports always ask me what is that, I tell them I’m a ninja So you say, you should see the other guy! I’m just pulling on you because I’m going to try and get out as much as I can intact. We squeezed out the top of it but the whole sac is still underneath Going to take it out in pieces So then you looked on the internet and you found that we did this, and that we maybe did it in a different way that looked better to you Yeah, actually I saw a couple of procedures that you did and they impressed me. It’s almost like a little calcified edge there Keep your eyes closed, I’m just going to put some more numbing solution in there This is like, life changing for you it really is. We’re seriously so close to being done I can’t wait for your Mom to see you You’re a two eyed guy now……he said that they called him third eye blind It was like the size of one of the bigger jellybeans you can get It was under there though! I could be wrong it could have been bigger than that. I just squeezed it, I didn’t see it, I just squeezed it until I felt it pop. There is something hard right here.. You’re making this a challenge, I think there’s pieces of it everywhere. It’s going to look so nice, in fact there is a little bit of extra skin… If I close that it’s nice because it’s in that little gap First I’m going to put a suture in and then I’m going to take off any extra skin if we need to You okay? (Yeah) I didn’t want to say this before but I can now that we have it all out. This is called the danger triangle If you had an infection here it could cause a lot of problems and inflame a lot of your nerves I like it! A lot! Here are a lot of the pieces, I think some of them were calcified


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