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The fifth is manzo, or yerba del manso, and this is a herb that is know it has a long history and it’s
mainly the root that is used to make teas, to make tinctures and also using
Salves and ointment for this game and it is very effective
at healing skin conditions so that number five MANZO. Number six is lavender and lavender is
also very great for skin and most of the time it’s used externally you can also
have it in teas, or you use it to make your fomentation, salves and ointment for
the skin and you know, so, LAVENDER very good for the skin number six number seven witch hazel and you can use
the leaves or the bark of this which is and they got similar properties and you
could use it in the form of teas tinctures, make fomentation with it you
know poultice, of course to apply to the skin. So those are seven herbs that I have listed. What I will say also when it comes to dealing with issues such as it eczema
which so many people face, remember it’s systemic. It’s when the body has… is not
able to pass the toxins or waste through it the normal mechanism of the kidneys.
So when you have got an issue such as a eczema it also is indicative that the
kidneys are not filtering waste as it ought to. That is also what it signifies
and because it’s not doing that it’s coming through the skin, and so the
approach one has to take or it is the process one should take, you know, is
first you’ve got to clean up the blood stream, clean up the blood stream,
you’ve got to ensure that the kidneys are filtering and you could do that of
course by many of the blood purifying herbs and tonic you can check my blog I
have some spring tonic recipes and those are great for you know helping to
clear – start cleansing the blood and will also help issues with the kidney
especially the recipe with the dandelion included and
of course burdock, excellent burdock and so you know clean clip you’ve got to
clean the blood you’ve got to ensure that the kidneys are filtering. A mucusless diet is critical, no no no dairy, oh my gosh run from the dairy, run from the
dairy, do not feed your kids dairy, and the sugars. All those sugars, and those processed
stuff that they like to eat because I know many kids or children also have this
issue and you know for the for the young babies, you know you can, you can
you can bathe them in chickweed tea you know just – we call it a tea still, but you know, you could you make the tea you bathe them in the water. Bathe them
several times of the day, whether you’re using chickweed tea, you can use lavender, you can use… um, and you can use them in combination. It doesn’t
have to be just one herb. You can combine the sage, you can combine the
chicken, you know, and you combine it the other herbs and you know make a bath and bathe them with it and allow the water to run all over the body. For even
the kids or the children or a little bit bigger, you know, help them, let
them soak in it make a bath, you know, that and have them
soak in it. Adults same thing, do a bath, get the herbs, run that water. Make it hot, put the herbs in and as soon as the the temperature is comfortable enough, you go in and you lay
down and you relax and let that seep into you and drink it also. Drink, you’ve
got to be drinking tea. You can have chickweed tea, at least a cup. You know, minimum of three times for the day. You can do the same thing with sage, also a
mucusless diet. You need a mucusless this is critical, a mucusless diet,
all raw preferably. All raw, primarily fruits and vegetables, you know, and for
mothers weren’t feeding young babies who have issues with eczema; come on,
it starts with you that’s where it started and you’ve got to bear that in
mind and it means that you have to make the sacrifice even if you don’t like
eating healthy or you know following a mucusless diet or doing something else you know do it for the sake of the child


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