64 BEAUTY PRODUCTS  w/ mini reviews – mostly skincare for MATURE SKIN
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64 BEAUTY PRODUCTS w/ mini reviews – mostly skincare for MATURE SKIN


  • Carla Filla

    Does the hair serum help? I'm using one by color science (I think that is the brand) and I don't see much of a difference. Just curious…

  • MrsMelissaM Beauty

    Wow, power on girlfriend! great reviews and so quick! love love love it! And you, as usual, look simply gorgeous! Love you my dear friend! xoxo

  • Graceful Beauty

    I didn't have room to add the rest of my description box: 
    FTC: This video is NOT sponsored.  I NEVER DO SPONSORED VIDEOS. To learn about why I won't do sponsored videos nor do I accept money in return for a product review, click here to watch my youtube video and explanation https://youtu.be/4m4piPtKVrQ If I receive something in PR, while I am very grateful, it does not persuade me to give a positive review.  All opinions are my own honest opinions. Some links in my videos are affiliate links. I may receive a very small commission if a link is a referral/affiliate link. However, often I receive nothing & it may just be a discount to you if a discount code is offered. If you buy something from a referral link I provide, it doesn't increase the cost of the item at all.  I often try to give multiple shopping sites for you (if I have time to do so & you can compare prices, etc). If you don't wish to use the links, feel free to google the items separately. Either way, I am so very thankful and very appreciative you are watching my channel. As with anything, please consult with your Dr before trying any product I discuss. Products mentioned are simply what works FOR ME.  💜

    💜She is strong and graceful, as well as cheerful about the future. Her words are sensible, and advice is thoughtful. (Prov. 31: 25-26 CEV)💜

    Thanks so very much for watching my channel! I truly appreciate you taking your valuable time to hang out with me!

  • ooo ooi

    @gracefulbeauty where do you get paulas choice aha moisturize r you use for your neck for 17$ ???? I always pay 28? Who has it for 17?

  • Karen S

    Hi! I have been hating my thinning hair. I threw the Andulou product in my amazon cart immediately! Thank you for the recommendations 😊. I like empties videos because talking trash is fun 🤣

  • Christina Austin

    I think you and I are probably about the same hair color so this is helpful!! Going to try Madison Reed now. Have you noticed if it the color resists fading any better than store brands?

  • SoCal RockerGal

    The Australian Gold sunscreen didn’t work well with my skin so I went back to my holy grail Elta MD. I love iS Clinical facial washes! Truth Treatment is my holy grail and I love it and it’s worth every dollar 💵 No other vitamin C serum has worked as well and I tried too many to mention. I use other products in the Truth Treatment line but you need to use a small amount and the product last a long time so it seems expensive but it’s not because a little goes a long way.

  • Blondehairedwarrior

    Hi my dear.😊 did you notice that body tingle lotion has a horrible smell …. I wish it wasn’t so sticky either… if you know of one that is smiler without smell can you let me know 😘Thanks!

  • Carla Filla

    Ok, and I do agree about the film with "Take the Day Off" by Clinique. I'm using when I wear makeup and generally I enjoy it. But I found the same thing- a little sticky even after a good double cleanse. I'll try the other product you mention when I run out.

  • Zuly

    Wow, girlfriend, you are looking super hot today, Gorgeous! Love the look. 😉 Anywayyyy, hehe, I agree sunscreen is a must, I have dry skin and my mineral sunscreens are a tad different than yours but I do wear them everyday and double up like you have done in some of your videos, lol. It's all your fault. 😅 By the way, I have thought of Paula's Choice Toner, hard to find fragrance and alcohol free, but I am waiting for a super duper sale, lol. I loved her TRIPLE-ACTION DARK SPOT ERASER 7% AHA LOTION, it really helped me diminish some really dark spots on my face. I did just buy the Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner instead of PC because of the 50% off sale at Ulta (Alcohol and Fragrance Free). I am loving the soothing effects. I use .025% Tretinoin every 3 days and TO Granactive Retinoin 2% Emulsion on days I don't use the Tretinoin. Great TIPS ALWAYS!!! 👍🥰😘 PS Have you tried any "The Ordinary Products"? I love them 😉 I could go on and on with comments, lol, I loved RevitaLash but changed to a generic Latisse that I ordered from over seas, CareProst and its awesome! OK, I am going to stop commenting now, hehe, Love ya, Hugss 😘🥰💋💖

  • HappilyHealthFull

    I have tried the Paula’s choice BHA and it did not work for me 🙁. It made me sad, since everyone raves about it
    But, like you, I love Pureology for my hair! Also love mad hippy and the Truth treatment vitamin C- but yes, it is pricey
    Thank you for another awesome video 💕

  • raspberry

    How come almost all folks cant use cemical sunscreens, i use tretinoin and i ve never had problems with cemical suncreams. People avoid those as cancer, but they are great al least for me, also they are more efective than mineral.

  • raspberry

    Its lso good to change skin cae now and then couse skin gets lazy, it gets used to the product and dont work like it has at the start

  • Ranalynn’s Lifestyle & Beauty

    Wow …😳…64 items. You rock when it comes to good hair items. Neutrogena is always on my list at Target when going out. A cream as a lotion on face and under make up and legs and a spray mist when I’m in the yard and with an off the shoulder top. Quick and easy to apply. I should get a new diffuser for my room. My daughter look mine a few month ago. Appreciate this great video. Hugs 🤗 and Aloha 🌺
    Girlfriend…..I don’t see wrinkles…on you. You have such beautiful skin 😃

  • Jodyfro Gunderson

    So frustrating that I’m subscribed yet haven’t seen a video from you in so long. 😑 Glad I found this video. *Love* empties videos and I now have a Paula’s Choice order to submit. 🤗

  • Laura Dean

    Hiiiii!!! 😘😊😊😊😊 Lots of info….loved this. Was it not you who spoke about Replenix and Hydropeptide?…a couple others for eyes? What are your faves? Besides Paula's.

  • MeLu B

    Hi Sherry, I’ve recently subscribed to your channel and have been enjoying your videos. I couldn’t help but notice that you said you use a foaming cleanser. Have you ever watched Nereida Joy. She’s an esthetician with 40 yrs experience and is a wealth of knowledge on skin care. She despises foaming facial cleansers even for oily skin types. Apparently our skin oils aren’t what break us out and using foaming cleansers will over dry your skin which will actually cause your skin to start producing more oil…well she explains it much better. Check her out if you haven’t already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjajST8Dla8&feature=share

  • Sylvie Hebert

    Hey Sherry, I love empties video because you see what people actually use and also having use a whole bottle you can really have a deep understanding of the product. I do wish there were less products at a time and deeper reviews… so more videos! Lol. Thank you for being so honest in your reviews.

  • Debi Malerba

    Thanks for sharing your favs with us. I love your eye makeup and wondering if you'll do a video showing us how you do it. My eyeshadow colors always seem to blend together and then the outcome looks muddy on me. Have a blessed day! 🙂

  • Roseanna Sasso - Schottenfeld

    Great, great, great information. Thank you so much. I’m definitely going to look up some of the products you’ve mentioned. You’re absolutely beautiful and your skin is gorgeous!

  • Anne Helene Groven

    Hi Sheri 😊. Thanks for sharing all your empties 😀. I have bought some of the products you have talked about thanks you ❤. And I am very happy about them. I love hearing what products you like and don't like. It is so much easier to then know what to get 😉. Wish you a great day and take care my lovely friend 💞💜💞

  • Jackie Camilleri

    Thank you Sherry for the very informative video it is beyond helpful to know what you love and not so much …thanks for the hard work you are a graceful beauty😊

  • karen Mazzacone

    Ok Miss Thang! You better work! 😂 This was such a fun video!! I had my pen and paper ready! 😅 You look absolutely STUNNING 😍. I need the deets on those earrings. And maybe a hair tutorial 😬. You are so awesome my sweet dear friend! Gahhhhhh 🥰😘

  • Jennifer S

    Love your lip liner/lipstick! I use eSalon (custom hair color by mail) and I love it. I have been using it for about three years now and it cost around 27.00 a month. I used to pay 150.00 a month to get the exact same color at the salon.

  • Shana mamabear

    I am in my mid 40s with normal to dry skin and was in the market for a new foundation, I have been trying tins if foundations this month and nothing seems to be working any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Debbie Weatherford

    Sheri – Loved your empties video. There are so many products that I am interested in. One question about Paula’s Choice boosters. I have the Azelaic booster that I add to my moisturizer. If I purchase the Peptide and Niacinamide boosters, do I add all of these to my moisturizer or use them separately on different days? Thanks.

  • Gretchen Scheele

    I enjoy the empties videos with the reviews…. please continue to make them. Your experience with the products is quite helpful. Thank you for sharing and as many of the other ladies have stated, you look beautiful!

  • Sumer Tatum-Clem

    Can you please recommend an effective mineral sunscreen for full-sun? I don't wear makeup so I don't care how it interacts with that. Thanks!

  • jilAngel Tuyl

    I subscribed to you, the first video that I saw! Skip!…skip!..this video??? You had/have me, girl! Fast paced; full of info; super personal views; quality products. I'm going to be looking at different parts of this video, again, and maybe again, just to take notes!

  • NicoleLydia

    Holy cow you go through that IS Clinical cleanser! I think I go through one bottle every 6 months! Those intrinsics cloths are fantastic! We use them in our facials all the time!

  • Annemarie Rottorf

    I too have started having some thinning hair at my hair line. I have been using Jamacian Black Castor oil on my lashes and brows which have have shown exponential growth & thickness. So I started using it on my thinning hair. (Yes you have to was daily if leaving the house) I put it on in the late evening giving it a chance to absorb and wash in the morning. I can't believe the new growth!!!! I have also purchased a three wammy cream made by Advanced Clinicals it contains Glycolic, Mandelic, & Lactic acid. Plus ceramides. I'm not at home so can't give the full name, but will update. It has done wonders on my skin and you can use it on your face as well. Your makeup looks gorgeous. Could you please do a tutorial. Thank you.

  • kim f

    Another great video Sherry! I have extremely dry hands as I am constantly washing them. Do you know of any good, nondrying hand soaps?

  • maria cortese

    Hi Sherry, Ive been meaning to drop you a note. I usually watch you on my iphone and it wont let me leave a comment, anyway,
    thank you so much for your honesty when you review products. I realize its your opinion and everyone is different but I really appreciate your honesty and your ability to be frank, its refreshing. I happen to like some of your recommendations and look forward to more,

  • annette bishop

    Thank u so much for this helpful video! It is so nice to have a honest review on products you have used! Makes it much easier for all of us ladies trying to figure it all out! 😊Also, u mentioned the THD Ascorbate that you love by Truth Treatment that is so expensive. Don’t know if u are a fan of The Ordinary products, but they have a 20% THD ascorbate for a fraction of the price. I got this recommendation from the Youtuber, Beauty by Anne-Marie.

  • Migdalia Serrano

    New to your channel and love this video. I will be looking into some of the products you mentioned especially for thinning hair. Love your eye makeup too and like others would like if you can do a video on it. Thanks and have a wonderful week.

  • linda dee

    Hello Sheri :-)) No don't toss your trash away without us all seeing it 🙂 There are a lot of good products there girl friend 🙂 Thats me coming up to 52 in d December Sheri and now I'm in the thick of menopause, i have 21 symptoms and its sore. Im going to look into the herbal tablet called Black Cohosh. Its one that is talked about. oxoxoxox

  • Pearls and Lipsticks

    Hi there, I use many of the products you like even though my skin is extremely dry. Great video, very informative, thanks

  • Sarah Elum

    Your makeup is beautiful. Loving the natural look on you! Your positivity is so encouraging. I know you're a praying woman. Will you pray for me?

  • Myrna Gibbs

    I'm a new subscriber and I loved this video. I am running out of my Truth System Vitamin C and am considering trying the Good Face Vitamin C. Do you like it as much as the Truth System.


    Hi Sheri… I am from Yucatán, Mexico and I follow you and I give Likes to all your videos and I love you #ImYourFan … it is the first time I write to you and it is because although I understand English not at all and that is why I see your videos with subtitles in Spanish …. but this one has no subtitles and I want to cry! Could you check your settings and try to put the subtitles please please ???

  • Sabine H.

    Thank you so much for this!! This was sooo informative! Especially as you mentioned the Tarte Knockout Tingle. I didn’t know about that and need to try it as I bought the Biologique Recherche -like everybody else it seems – and it burns on my skin. When I went in and talked to her about their products I saw a “Plasma” Cream. So I asked if they use plasma and she shyly said yes. So I’m not sure if that’s their “secret” ingredient in all of their products or just that cream and I don’t like that.
    I also need to get some of the hair products you mentioned 😄 Thanks again and you look beautiful 😘

  • Loraine Mcgillivray

    I love empties videos and actually found your channel though them. Lots of mini reviews in one video that aren't first impressions. Repeat items are usually favorites so that's fine. Don't stop making them. Best wishes.

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