5 Ways to Stop or Help Treat Prickly Heat Rash
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5 Ways to Stop or Help Treat Prickly Heat Rash

Welcome to the disscot guide to prickly heat.
Her are some tops tips on how to prevent getting prickly heat and how to manage it of unfortunately
it happens. Prickly heat is a right pain I suffer from it sometimes. My first tip would
be antihistamines I take them for 2 weeks before I travel and I take them everyday when
I am away and I have found the this works for me. The last couple of times I have tried
it the prickly heat hasn’t appeared or if it has its not been massively bad and hasn’t
impacted my holiday in anyway. Number 2 suncream. Choose your suncream that works for you. I
use boots soltan, ultras is meant to be very good for people that suffer from prickly heat
I belie it is quite expensive and I have never tried it myself but lots of people swear by
this. I can sit out in the sun in Uk one day and be absolutely fine and sit out the next
day and do exactly what I did the day before with roughly the same temperature and get
prickly heat. Sometimes I just dont know what causes it. I personally always seem to get
it here first. But I do get it everywhere else as well. Number 3. If you feel prickly
heat starting get yourself out the sun into a cool place where you can cool down. Have
a nice cool drink. I find keeping cool helps it and stops it from spearing and getting
worse. Number 4 if you cant get out the sun because you are in a park for example cover
up. I always travel with a cap and I have a rash top that has long sleeves so I can
hide most of the area. I tend to get prickly heat on my chest here or on my arms so covering
up with a rash top that has long sleeves works perfectly for me. Its made of swimming costume
material so it is quite cool even in the hot sun. You can wear it in the swimming pool
or in the sea. Number 5 If you do get prickly heat one thing that I have found that helps
take away the irritation and that horrible feeling you get the itch is aloe vera gel
I got this from holland and barrats. Make sure it is proper full aloe vera gel sometimes
if you buy it from other places it can come with stuff added to it. The straight aloe
vera gel is what works a treat. As soon as you apply it it cools the skin and I find
the prickly heat goes away more quickly once you apply it. So I always travel with a tube
of aloe vera gel just incase. Thank you very much for watching disscot guide to prickly
heat. Please like this video Subscribe follow us on facebook, instagram, twitter and check
our our website at disscot.com Thank you. Bye.


  • Disscot

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  • Wayne Vogeler

    I believe heat rash comes from the body having too many chemicals in it for I have never had heat rash in 65 years until started using an abundance of mosquito repellent so I am going to try a herbal chemical cleanse and see if that helps

  • Lika B

    I have it all over my face. This is my first time getting prickly heat rashes and it looks sooo ugly and school is starting in 3 days I might not go due to how creepy/nasty it looks. It looks like I have hundreds of little pimples all over my face 😭😭is there anything that helps reduce the pimple looking bumps?

  • Psycho Bread

    Prickly heat ruins my summer every year I’ve tried anti bacterial soaps aloe Vera gel magicool spray and snake brand talc and can never get rid of the itch it drives me crazy I struggle to sit still whilst eating and going to sleep is a real struggle

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