3 Skin Care & Makeup Tips For Acne Prone & Problematic Skin | Beauty Tips with Pallavi Symons

If you love watching Glamrs videos and would like to be notified every time we drop a new one, please bash that bell icon below. I have a few tips and tricks that will make makeup application more enjoyable. Well, another pro tip belongs in the area of skin care and it is as important to do it before and after makeup wear. This is cleansing! Again, it’s an area that we completely take for granted. I’m guilty of it myself. There have been times when I’m too tired to completely remove my makeup and I’ve regretted it the morning after. Now, how to cleanse? I think most of us again make the mistake of simply trying to do it too fast. Just because we know you put it on a cotton pad and you just swipe it off it comes off. That’s not quite how it works. It actually takes 3-5 minutes to take off just eye makeup. And you should spend that time because you have no idea what sits between hairy lashes. A lot of mites sit between the lashes, giving you eye infections. Remainder of product goes into the pores. You don’t want any of those things that will cost you way more than buying one good skin product So here’s what i suggest I recommend again, on wet skin Use a cleansing product. Whether it’s a foam, or a gel or a balm or a lotion Make sure if you are using a cotton pad saturate it By that i mean, just pore enough on it And leave it on your eyes till the product breaks down on your eyes Don’t rub. Rubbing is by far the worst thing you can do Because after that you’re going to put a toner which is going to make your skin tingle You dont want any of those irritative qualities to make you Deter you from buying skin care Infact, it should aid you towards better makeup and better skincare So use them gently. There are lot of foams which you need to apply. Slowly apply it into your face And your eyes With your eyes shut, you can actually take off all your eye makeup Even if it is long wear and waterproof. So that’s one thing i recommend very very highly. Don’t take for granted Do it before and after your makeup and use plenty of moisturizer to keep your skin supple and beautiful Again, you’ll see that there’s radiance Cos that’s one word that i think this market really really subscribes to Alright! the first thing i’m going to address like i said is skin And this has nothing to do with makeup products It has to do with skincare and skin products So one of the greatest pro tips that i can give you is to mangage your skin On a regular basis in such a way that makeup application over it becomes more pleasurable Here’s something that i often advice most makeup users to use And even if you didn’t use makeup it’s something that you should do on a regular basis It’s a scrub So i think scrubs are really important to not only just remove the dead cells From the top surface of your skin it also clarifies your skin So people with hyper pigmentation, slight dullness Will find a huge difference in their skin. And basically it creates a beautiful foundation for your foundation And what i’m suggesting here is not to use it regularly You don’t have to use this scrub everyday Because infact, if you use scrubs everyday it can cause micro tears and lesions across your face And that might also cause irritation. Having said that scrubs are best used atleast once a week Here’s how you can use the scrub whether it’s homemade or store bought First always make sure that your skin is wet It should never be used on dry skin Make sure that it’s ampli wet and then the scrub won’t hurt Even if it has granules that are slightly larger than now you would find in this modern market You can also create homemade one’s which i’m sure most families do And it’s a brilliant way of taking off the dead skin You can use sugar, honey or even some kind of husk Some tea husk, coffee husk great for scrubbing once a week And one more important thing is, do not use scrub on your areas like your eyes or eyelids or even under eyes for that matter. I would recommend use a light scrub on your lips Because lips are really an area that we don’t pay any attention to And it does need both scrubbing, moisturizing It needs the same love that the rest of the skin on your face normally gets So pay attention to these small details and you’ll see how week by week your skin will improve And you’ll naturally see a radiance that you’ll quite enjoy Well! the next thing i’d like to talk about is primer I can actually sing songs about primers. Because i think they are that important! So basically i think there’a a misunderstanding about what primers do and how much of it to apply A lot of people have come and personally asked me why does the skin feels dry after a primer But that’s not even possible. The only reason why a skin can feel very dry after the use of a primer Is that you have used too much. Primers need to be used in very very very small measures I would say, may be pea size or little larger. May be an almond size amount for the entire face So what it does basically, is creates this mild gentle shield And a lot of things happen because of primer First, your moisturizer which you have applied first after cleaning up stays locked in Slowly releasing it’s moisture and hydration to your makeup and skin for long periods of time. The primer actually locks it in and allow it’s slow release. That’s one thing! Secondly, specially in skin like this which is slightly open and you can see marks and indentations The primer offers see through kind of shield So that foundation application can become smoother I think most of us have those problems. But, there are corrective primers as well By that i mean not only are they available in this kind of clear gel formulation They’re also available in green, peach, orange and all those variety of colors that actually color correct your skin Incase you have hyper pigmentation and small problems with discoloration Let me show you how that goes First, i am just going to use this gel clear primer A tiny amount Typically you don’t need that more than that I recommend using it with your finger tips or with a flat brush And i am going to use part of it only on one side of the face. So take a good look You’ll see a bit of shine A primer also blocks unnecessary shine Making your skin look less oily Radiance is what we looking at, smoothness is what we looking at But, we barely ever want a shiny face. Particularly if it’s oily. So on half her face, i have applied this clear gel primer. This half, you can see the shine That’s emerge from her skin the naturally oily parts Whereas, you’ll see on this side the skin has more satiny appearance. And, it creates a shield particularly over areas like this which are slightly open and pitted And you’ll notice what a difference it make when you apply a foundation over it It’s more seamless I’m not saying everything will disappear, well that’s for editors to look after And over this, i need to use very little product. To make it all beautiful and seamless like her own skin.

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