$20 RED iPhone Skin vs $750 RED iPhone 7

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Twitter from Jays’ two cents. Shout out to Jay. Yo guys, Jonathan
here, and this is a $750 product red iPhone,
and this is a $20 skin. So the product red iPhone 7 has been out for a little over a week now. And if you caught my
unboxing, my general feelings towards the phone, is yes,
that red looks amazing, it is super tempting, but
it might not be the smartest buying decision right now. Specifically, because the iPhone seven is now six months old, which puts us at the halfway point, until the next generation iPhone is out. On top of that, if you
already own an iPhone 7, or 7 plus, it does not make sense to drop $750 plus just
to have a red phone. The other thing and maybe
the bigger controversy was why Apple decided to
op for the white front on their product red iPhone and not go for the stealthy black and red. Personally, I really like the white front, I thought it looked clean,
I thought it looked classy, but a ton of you out there
want a black and red. And with that you have a couple options. By far the riskiest option
would be to disassemble your iPhone. You can do this by either
frankensteining siding parts from a black iPhone or the cheaper route, would be to order the screen online. Now the problem with
this is because touch ID is actually connected to
Logic Board, if you wanted to take the safer route,
and not potentially break your touch ID, that’s gonna
leave you with a red back, black front, and a white
button that sticks out like a sore thumb. Conversely, if you wanted
to level up to advance mode like my buddy Danny
Windget and you wanna take that risk and disassemble everything, higher risk, bigger reward, but the end result is
a red back, black front and black touch ID. Now if you are awesome
at taking things apart, and putting them back together, fantastic. But I can see why a lot
of people would be kind of hesitant to do this, because honestly, it is a near $1000 risk. So jumpin back to the skin,
which is significantly cheaper and much safer. Whether you have an iPhone 7, 6S, 6 or even Google Pixel for that matter. That is gonna give you access
to that sweet, sweet red. Now disclaimer, ColorWare
did not sponsor this video. Specifically, I actually
sent them out some phones to wrap and send back. But if you do wanna pick one of these up, a little bit does go back
and support the channel, or maybe if you wanna win one of these, go and drop a like down below. So givin you guys a rundown
of the goods I got in. This is an iPhone seven plus
with their formula red matte on the back and black
leather on the front. If you dig that really clean matte look, this looks phenomenal. And beyond the red, there are
a ton of other color options. The reason we are here though, is this candy apple gloss red. Which my goodness, looks good. For those of you familiar
with ColorWare, you know they’ve made their name
with custom painted tech, and they’ve taken that
skill over to the skin game and the end result is something you really haven’t seen before. This looks like a painted freaking phone, but it’s not. It is a $20 skin. No joke, when I got these, and I could still smell
a little bit of that freshly coated paint on the skin, it was probably not the safest
idea to sniff your phone, but you get the idea. And honestly, I’m not gonna lie, I’m gonna do one of those basketball games where you gotta keep
your eye on the phone. Which one is which? Keep your eye, the crowd is going crazy. Can you tell, which one is the real deal? We’re swoopin, you don’t know
what’s happenin right now. Which one is the real iPhone? When you stack these two side by side, this being the real
product red iPhone 7, this being the skin, I gotta say, the skin actually looks a
little better and pops more. And you guys are seeing
this right on camera for yourselves. This is gonna get you
the black Apple logo, the black hardware. And on the front of this
I went with a carbon fiber black front, which looks awesome. Next you quickly saw me
tease the Red Google Pixel. And this is an XL in all of its red glory. What I like specifically about the Pixel is how you can mix and match. On the main portion, I got that smooth shiny glossy candy apple red, and I’m completing it with a red leather. Which looks phenomenal. As far as the front goes, this is black leather. Which is a great contrast to the red back. Flippin the switch for a second, and as cool as that red iPhone is, it really made me want a blue iPhone, and now I got one. I’ve kind of teased a blue
MacBook here and there. I got a ton of questions
on where I got it from and no, it is not a painted MacBook. It is a painted skin on the Macbook. Same thing applies here. You can see how much
this blue pops on camera. Compare that with a
carbon fiber white front, and this is the perfect
combination for me. Now maybe you don’t like blue, maybe you’re not OKC fan. Maybe you bleed purple
and love the Lakers. Not sure why, but what? But seriously, look how good these look. And just like the blue iPhone, I got a white contrast up front. This is actually white leather, which also looks crazy good. So it’s safe to say, whether you want red, blue, purple, orange
on your phone, Macbook, there is probably an option for you. Now if you want a custom
wrapped iPhone seven, or potentially, the brand new Galaxy S8, go to hit that subscribe button, and turn on notifications
so you do not miss that announcement. This is Jonathan, and I will catch you guys later.

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