hey guys welcome to my channel this
video is going to be about eczema and skincare so when I was a baby I suffered
quite severely from eczema but after a few years it did just clear up
completely and I was completely 100% fine for most of my childhood leading up
to my teenage years but when I joined uni a few years ago I had a really bad
reaction just on my face like my whole face swelled up and I will be doing
another video just to talk about my experience with that and probably a few
pictures but at the moment I’m still quite self-conscious about how I looked
when that was happening not many people have seen those pictures or no one has
seen those pictures the only people that have seen me like that or my parents because
obviously they were there so this video is going to be about how I managed to
overcome that I would like to say that everything is completely fine now but
that wouldn’t be true I do have flare-ups sometimes and that’s just
normal with eczema sufferers I do get a few flare-ups around my cheek area and
if I rub my eyes too much and if I like tear up around my eyes I do get some
flare-ups around there and I first started up I went to the GP with my mom
and I didn’t know what it was I thought it was some sort of allergic reaction I
thought it was something that I had eaten I wasn’t sure what it was I
thought something had come into contact with my face I didn’t know at all what
it was so the doctor had a look at me and it was so bad that I walked into the
office and she literally went oh wow okay I mean way to make me feel good doc
so that makes you worse but um she asked me if I had suffered from
eczema in the past and what other things that I had and I told her I have a fever
and that’s pretty much it and I hadn’t suffered from eczema in years literally
like 15 years I hadn’t suffered at all and she said it’s eczema and I was
wondering how can that be true my eczema is cured I haven’t had any
since I was a baby but she insisted that that’s what it was so she prescribed
this to me let me just so this is what she prescribed to me it is Protopic
ointment and you’re only supposed to put a teeny teeny tiny bit of it on your
face literally a pea-sized of it onto your face and that’s what you’re
supposed to use for your whole face like it’s such a strong ointment that it thins your skin out so what happens when you have
eczema and it flares up so intensely that your skin thickens it thickens and
it looks really hivey and bumpy and it’s so itchy and what it (Protopic) does is it
thins your skin and it does work after a week my face was completely fine again
but what happened was I became I’m not sure I’ve addicted is the right word but
my skin was very dependent upon it and every time I had the tiniest little
breakout I would put it onto my face and I would just slather it all over and you
know what it burns when you put it on I cannot tell you how many sleepless
nights I had in that year and a half while I would use it almost
every three weeks I would use it for about three or four days every three
weeks and it’s just I didn’t want to live like that so of course I started to
wear a lot of makeup to cover it up and I never really wore makeup up until this
point and I really did annoy me when people were connecting the dots but
doing it wrong they were telling me oh your eczema is
flaring up your skin doesn’t like your makeup but when in reality I was wearing
makeup to cover up the eczema it wasn’t the other way around
yes it was irritating it a little bit because my skin was very irritable but
it wasn’t causing it I just want to make that clear and it was annoying me for a
really long time and it still does and people try and say it’s about that
anyway I am going to be doing another video just on makeup that I have used
that my eczema doesn’t get irritated about because I went through a lot
of different makeups and trial and error with what was irritating my skin and
what wasn’t so I will be doing another video on that probably next week so I
was wearing a lot of makeup and so I needed ways to take off the makeup and
this is when I came and found Liz Earle this cream this brand I went into boots
and they told me that this was the best skin care product in the world
they had won like about 50 Awards or something like that the lady was telling
me she was really selling it to me and you know what I was willing to try
anything I think I’ve spent about £50 on the whole collection and I
wanted it to I just wanted it to work it was supposed to be friendly for your
skin I just wanted a good skin again because I was always known as that girl
that had good skin and now I didn’t have skin it was really starting to get to me
and my self-esteem so I’m going to bring you a closer just to look at all of
these products that from Liz Earle were recommended to me so this is the
cleanse and polish which is supposed to be used to take off your makeup and here
is the instant boost skin tonic that you put on after you’ve washed your face and
here is a the moisturizer this cleanse and polish this one the first one that I
showed is supposed to you just pump a little bit onto your hand rub it
together and then just put it all over your face and it will take off even
mascara and it did come with a microfiber cloth it came with two in the
pack that I got and you use that you put it with hot water and
then you just scrub it all off and it did work it was really good and then this
tonic you’re supposed to have cotton pads put a little bit on and it’s
supposed to revitalize your face and take off any excess makeup that you have
left on your face because believe it or not makeup will be left on your face
even after a clean even after a scrub and it’s good to just get it all out so
your pores are nice and cleansed and finally they gave me this really nice
cream it’s a really nice moisturizer it’s for dry and sensitive which is actually perfect I actually might start using this again
I’m not sure I’m so so scared about using new things again because I haven’t
actually used this in about a year now and I stopped using it because I feel
like my skin I don’t like it when I did put the product onto my face it did burn
a little and you know what I thought oh it’s fine it’s fine it’s supposed to
burn a little it’s not supposed to burn people if it burns it’s not good some
people say if it’s stinging your skin it’s doing the trick I don’t go by that
rule I go by if it feels comfortable it’s good for your skin if it hurts it’s
not supposed to hurt that’s just me I’ve heard people say
different but with my skin because it’s so sensitive and because of the eczema
there’s no way I’m gonna risk allowing something that stings my skin to stay on
my skin it’s just not gonna happen anyway oh and I forgot to show they did
have an exfoliator which I’m actually just not gonna bother showing
you because I never actually used it because exfoliating deliberately
dries out your skin it strips your skin of the the oils and it is good to do
especially if you have oily skin you should do it quite- I don’t
want to say often because I don’t have my skin so I don’t know but I have heard
people say do it and at least every three days I go by the rule I do it
when my skin is looking not flared up and risk it getting even more flared up
I don’t exfoliate my skin that often because my skin is just not supposed to
be extra dry because it’s already dry but that’s just me that’s just me all of
this that I was saying in this video is just my own personal experience these
products could work really well for other people that suffer with eczema or
even other people with sensitive skin or just any other types of skin but for me
it didn’t work and I’m just telling you my experience so I was using that for a
while and then I stopped using it because I realized that stinging stuff
should not stay on my skin but then I had this friend at uni she also suffers
from eczema and she suffers from acne and it’s a really tricky time for her
but apparently her grandma I think it was her grandma recommended that she
get this let me zoom you in argan oil and you know what I have no qualms with
this it is really good I’m going to read to you I have so many bottles so I got
really excited when I found out about this
really loved it she let me use it when I slept over her house after a night out
and I just feel like it really did moisturize my skin and my skin felt
really revitalized I think is the right word after it and so I got really
excited and I found it online and I ended up buying- ok so I bought I think I
bought four or five there was a deal on it or something it was super cheap I
thought I think it was only £3 or £4 so I just bought like a big
chunk of it and it came in this huge box and they gave me 12 I think and you know
what your girl was not gonna complain because free samples I was down for it
and you know what I gave some- I think I gave one to her and I
gave one to my friend who has quite severe acne as well and it’s supposed to
be really good and I gave one to I just gave some to my mom and I gave
some to my friends and I’ll read to you what it says so on the front it says
argan oil night Repair Serum aids in boosting your skin’s natural ability to
bounce back from all the daily stresses it is to endure such as too much Sun,
humidity and pollution and on the back directions of use simply apply several
drops all over your face and neck and gently massaged into the skin so
it does have a little dropper and it is quite a thick serum
and I just loved it so much but you know I felt that when I did put it on my skin
it didn’t actually do much in terms of the eczema so I do use it sometimes but
I mainly use it in the summertime when my flare-ups are not that bad I just
don’t like risking having an even worse flare-up just by putting things on it
but are not tailored to eczema leading on from that I did a lot of
research and I watched loads of YouTube videos I was just getting so tired of
having this problem with my skin I just didn’t want it anymore I was not having
it I was already stressed out from uni and just feeling ugly every single day
it just wasn’t on for me and I would be really obsessed with checking
my skin every hour or so or less than that I would check it constantly has it
gone down has it gone worse is it looking better do I still look ugly it’s
just it was playing in my head and I just had enough of it so I did a lot of
research on it and there loads of different ways that they were saying they could
“cure your eczema” and I tried a bunch of them and I will do another video about
those ways but this is just mainly on skin care today I did find this ady on YouTube if I can find her I will link her down below she wanted to do
more of a natural type of cream to cure her eczema she had really bad eczema on
her eyelids and it was so bad that she couldn’t even open her eyes on most
days so she found this I will zoom you in Elave Sensitive Intensive Cream it
contains white soft paraffin 15% fractionated coconut oil 11%
and it is a treatment for eczema and dermatitis prone skin it says it is
dermatological? I don’t know how to say the word… dermatologist approved that’s
what I’m gonna say so it is dermatologist approved and it
is a pretty cheap product I found it online for I think it was £8 don’t quote me on that I will put the links down below if you wanted to
check it out it is 100% natural products it says here NON-steroid cream and reduces
flare-ups and so I was using it for a while I did go ham again on the
product and I did buy a lot of it because it was quite cheap and I was
terrified of running out of it and it does take about three weeks to come
because it is based in America and I might America I did get a lot and it
turns out that the that the bottle lasts for a while I’m just gonna show
it to you guys it is fairly big and I wasn’t using it
for my whole body so this is how big it is I wasn’t using it for my whole body I
was just using it for my face and my hands so yes I do suffer from eczema on
my hands as well and it is actually how it started off when I first flared up like two years ago and it was fine I would just put a
little bit of Epiderm on it- Epiderm. I will come back to Epiderm and it would
be completely fine really and then my face flared up anyway so I would use that
product just from my face in my hands and then I got really scared because I
started to read more reviews that despite it being tailored for eczema and
dermatitis which is another disease which is in the same sort of
league as eczema but it is a little bit different I did know the difference once
and I have actually forgotten that now because I haven’t done a lot of research
in a while but if you were interested I could do another video or just link to
you below on the videos that I watched when I was learning about the difference so I was really worried that despite it treating my eczema, the side
effects of it were that you could develop dermatitis and that terrified me
because I was not gonna be here and have another skin disorder it was just
not happening so I stopped using it on my face it was working actually really well
for my hands and I did actually write a review on the website about how it
didn’t work for my face but it worked for my hand so it is whatever
tailors to you but I did give some to the friend who gave me the argan oil and
she seemed to really like it I mean I don’t think it doesn’t tackle the
eczema but it does reduce the flare ups when they do happen, does that make sense? so
they’re not as as red and as itchy it does tackle the itchiness and that was
really good but I wasn’t gonna be here and put it on my face any longer in risk
that dermatitis would happen for me and that was just it
was just not gonna happen and it was just not happening so I did go in search for more
pricey products and you know I’m a big believer of if you spend more coin
you’re gonna get more things for your money that’s just how it works but there
is a fine line of course whether something is overpriced and they’ve just
slapped a label on it and you could just get it anywhere else and then there’s
stuff that is really cheap and it’s cheap for a reason so I did go in search
of more pricey products and it’s called Cheryl Lee MD Sensitive Skin Care I
believe I will bring you in closer to show you the products so this is the first product this is the only one that I have the box of still this is the second product which is more of an ointment so the first one was more of a
cream and this final one is a steroid cream so I’m going to talk about the
steroid cream first so while I was using the Elave cream I was still using the pro
Topic cream that I showed you at the beginning this one the one that was
prescribed to me by the doctor I was still using it and it did get to the
point where my mom was so so strict on me not using it she knows how dependent
people can get from creams like this she thought it was a steroid cream is
actually not a steroid cream but it is in the same league as a steroid cream
and I did some research about it and it’s actually more addictive than
steroid creams such as hydrocortisone so my friend the one that has been- my eczema friend she’s my girl so her doctor prescribes hydrocortisone
to her and Protopic is more of a new treatment for eczema and I think she’d
been going to see her GP about her eczema for a few years now so he was
just carry the stuff that they used to give
which is how to question which is what sometimes they do still prescribe to you
and mine just happened to give me a Protopic instead and the Protopic is one
that stings but the hydrocortisone does not burn it is like it is just a cream
it is a white cream whereas the Protopic is a clear ointment right so this set that I got from Cheryl Lee products Cheryl Lee MD she recommends on her site to get these three products all together and what you
would do is there are instructions when you are flared up and it’s looking
really bad it’s supposed to put the hydrocortisone steroid cream on where
your flared up first and rub it into the skin and then on top of that you put
the ointment which is supposed to keep you more hydrated I think and then when
you’re not flared up or when you don’t want to walk out looking like a shiny
shiny Vaseline girl which is what this would do to you because it is an
ointment and it is shiny and you put this one on it which is a cream and
you’re supposed to put this one on it when you are not flared up aswell and it’s
supposed to I think it was something about rebuilding the natural barriers
that you have on your skin which has been destroyed due to the eczema it’s
supposed to- it says deep moisturizing dry skin
therapy and you know what I did use those products for quite awhile and I
don’t remember why I stopped using them but I think it was just I don’t think
that they were doing much to my skin and I just feel like
it was just making it worse and it wasn’t comfortable putting on the
ointment it wasn’t like putting on epiderm I’m gonna show you my epiderm now, epiderm best thing in the world it is the best thing in the world I’ve been
using this since when I reacted when I was a baby my mom used to slather my
body with this again I still use it from my lips so my lips are never dried and it is
the best thing in the world this is soothing on your skin it is
soothing and you know what you can’t get them prescribed to you and I used to get
prescribed when I was a baby but now my eczema is not as bad I don’t need a
prescription I do just buy it and you can get it in a Superdrug and I think
you might be able to get it in Boots as well the ointment from the Cheryl Lee
products did not feel like that at all it didn’t feel moisturizing it felt drying and that was just on my skin it could work for
someone else I have read so many good reviews for it and it is supposed to be
really skin friendly they do recommend it on babies which do have really
sensitive skin so I stopped using that product and I was on the hunt to find
another product for my face because I can’t have no moisturizer on my face and
I can’t be using epiderm to walk out and about in the street with your shiny face
and it’s just it wasn’t gonna happen so I did do a lot of research and I ended
up finding this woman on Instagram and she was talking about her eczema story and it was really inspiring and she uses a lot of products as well and she does get
stuff sent to her just to try things out and her Instagram blew up and I will link her Instagram down below because her story is really
inspiring and it just makes you feel a lot better knowing that you’re
the only person out there that’s suffering from it and she was suffering
really badly it was all down her arms all down her legs on her back on
her chest on her face it was honestly I’m not going to go into it you
can just see her Instagram page below and she recommended these products and I
was looking into stuff that’s more natural of course I didn’t want any more
steroid cream so around January time this year 2018 I decided to stop the Protopic and it would have been a year (using it) at that point and I have read a few studies
that were saying there’s no research on people who have continued using Protopic for longer than a year there have been no good things that I’ve read
and there are so many stories that I read about that when they were on the
steroid cream for years and they came off of it they had the worst flare-ups
of their entire lives and it lasted weeks to months and I did not one that
happening to me so I decided to come off the Protopic and decide to come up
the hydrocortisone full stop I did not go back onto it and it was really tempting
for a while but I just had to soldier on because in the long run I just didn’t
like I didn’t want the eczema on my face forever it’s just not
something that I wanted I doubt it’s something anyone wants so I ended up looking
at her page and she recommended this and it is I’m not kidding- it’s the best it’s called Child’s Farm I will be
zooming you in so here it is just ignore my hand so this product I feel has
changed my life that’s really dramatic it was really dramatic but it is super
good is actually in the child section in Boots and it is quite difficult to find
actually sometimes I go in there and there’s none left or something
and it was it’s quite annoying so when I do get it I do get in
big bundles which is what I do now apparently I just spent lots of money on
things and then I just have those loads over at the end I’m not working for me
in the long run but that’s just what I do and I just like to waste my money I love this and it’s just so good for your skin it is quite
soothing I just feel like you need to get stuff that is tailored specifically
for eczema which is what I didn’t do with this one other product I’ll show
you Vitamin E Cream it is a product made
from Superdrug I believe it is a Superdrug product super nice it smells
amazing and it is one of the only products I have ever seen out
that has the option dry to very dry skin I always see normal to dry skin normal
to dry skin oily skin to normal skin there is nothing that even indicates
that some people might not have normal skin which is what I don’t have when I
have flare-ups it’s not normal skin and you know what when I started using this
my eyes were watering quite a lot and you know what it’s because it’s
fragranced I can’t use anything fragrance on my face because of the
sensitivity of my skin and my eczema I just kept soldiering on though I went
to Brazil and I just kept using this and my skin didn’t look that great obviously
it’s very different when you’re in a hot country your skin does improve well my
skin in particular does improve but I continue using this despite my eyes
watering every time so I would just end up using at nighttime because I was
thinking oh my eyes are going to be closed anyway
they weren’t going to be open they’re not gonna be you know damaged by the
fragrance or anything and that was what I was thinking but you know I just
stopped using it now my mum’s using it now and she loves it so I’m just giving
it to her but it’s not what I use now I just use I just use the Child’s Farm it
is suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin dermatologist approved and
pediatrician approved because it is in the child section the baby section and
you know I actually prefer that because children do have really sensitive skin
and I have sensitive skin so I just like using stuff that’s made specifically for
sensitive skin, when they say sensitive skin for adults it’s just not the right it’s just
not the same so I like using baby products just like how I used to use
Johnson’s baby cream it is doing the natural nourishing lotion I’m not gonna
bother zooming you in because I think you can see it from here and I used to
use this baby over my entire body before my flare-ups I’d use it on my face I’d use it on my
body it was the best thing and I loved it for so long and then I have my flare
and it’s not for eczema so I stopped using it my mom still loves it but I
can’t use it anymore and it does make me really sad because it is really good
cream I do recommend it for anyone I was using it up until I was 18 years old
which is when I had my flare up so that is what I recommend
Child’s Farm they do have a bunch of other products we have a sun cream and a
an after sun as well and I was using that when I go on holiday and it is
really good and it is factor 50 the sun lotion so amazing really good doesn’t
irritate your skin because there are stuff in other sun lotions that just
because- you can smell it you can smell the chemicals inside the product
and I just wasn’t gonna risk putting that on my face especially as I was on holiday
the last skin care product I thought I’m going to be talking about is E45 cream
I’m not going to bring you in closer because I think if you know about it you
know about it a lot of people know about it you can just pick it up any drugstore,
Superdrug, Boots it is the bomb it is amazing they have lotions they have
ointments it does have white soft paraffin in it
as all skin products to do when they are tailored specifically for eczema those
types of skin disorders I use this all over my body and I use the Child’s Farm
for my face in particular just because I have most
flareups on my face this I just use for my body and it is super hydrating and I did
also use the Child’s Farm for my hands sometimes when I don’t use my Elave I do
switch between them sometimes I’m just going to be stopping the videos there I
am gonna do a part two on skincare that I used when I’m taking off my makeup
when I’m washing my face but this was all just cream based stuff I do have a
lot of things and my battery is running low so I’m going to be doing down
another week I feel like there’s so much content here that you’re just gonna be
tired of me talking by now I hope this was useful for anyone suffering from
eczema or anyone who just wants to be knowledgeable on those types of products
and stay tuned it would mean a lot to me if you maybe like and comment and
subscribe and put the notifications on it just click it down there and that
would mean a lot to me thank you so much for watching if you’ve made it this far
I’ll see you soon love you guys!!

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