1 1/2 Years Later – No More Severe Acne
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1 1/2 Years Later – No More Severe Acne

hey everyone it’s copy here um last video was taken about a year and a half ago based on my results on using these two products so honestly my face has not looked nearly as bad as it used to before it compared to the very first video um I didn’t it feels great so be honest I mean I still have a few pimples here and there but honestly doesn’t matter anymore just because of the comparison the before and after I was pleased because of the huge difference it mean not only physically but it has given more confidence and also not how to use base at all unless there is a pimple and recovery like this one so I’m going to go over the steps on how to take care of this and it will be the same steps on whatever area you have sits on or pimples on it you want to take care of so Lucian is the first step moisturizing as long as this moisturize good to go it also helps to get the one for your correct skin type as well that would probably work the list but I use general and it works just fine for me so stop there done you put luminous and phosphate don’t so if you’re putting this one in the morning your time you’re good to go and then you would put concealer and then be some top to hide it but if it is nighttime do those two what the addition of toppling gel looks different but it’s the exact same thing so a little bit of this if it’s nighttime so now if you’re you know and you’re planning on taking pictures you want this to show much you can make it less noticeable so I will first use concealer just a little to be honest with you guys this is the only area I’ve been putting these on because just thought that I’ve been pleased with the result and I know it just feels great I feel like I don’t need it anymore that’s basically it sometimes I do use blush to enhance my cheekbones and lipstick and if you wear a reddish lipstick that really pops out you don’t really have to wear my makeup it just you’re good like that to go but if you do wear eye makeup where you put I creams I would go ahead and use this finger right here or this me right here because these two are the sponges fingers you have that are most similar to applicators so that’s a little makeup tip right there but once again I’ve been pleased with the results and I hope that’s working for you guys and if you guys have had results please let me know and you can share additional skincare routines that you’ve been using those are welcome and I hope that you guys have a good day and good luck bye


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