🌱🐮🌱 THE best hydrolyzed collagen:🌱 reverse aging: ✨ HAIR ✨ SKIN ✨ BODY✨
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🌱🐮🌱 THE best hydrolyzed collagen:🌱 reverse aging: ✨ HAIR ✨ SKIN ✨ BODY✨

Hey there Leda Lum’s Apotheca today we going
to talk about hydrolyzed collagen which is my number one recommendation for basically
anything. Super beauty remedy for toning skin, your hair, your nails. But it also works on
a lot of… the rest of your body, it works on everything. Lets talk about it. Ok so Ive
found this, this is now my favorite brand Perfect Hydrolyzed collagen from Perfect Supplements.
You get a little more, its actually cheaper than the Great Lakes. You get more for the
price, but it also has nine of the nine points for quality. Lets talk about that. So much
to go through here. whoo! I know that when I started taking this a few years ago. I started
with this brand and I… A lot of things changed. I saw a difference in my skin. If you cant
afford anything else get this for your skin and your nails or any supplement really. Because
its healing for your digestion, your gut, your joints, your cardiovascular system. There
are a lot of problems that can be alleviated with this. which is like, you get the same
amino acids that you get from bone broth. Im sure bone broth would be better, but this
is a quick easier way to get all the amino acids, healing amino acids that you get in
bone broth, which we know is one of the most healing substances known to man. As we age
we make less and less collagen, thats a problem. Ok. Here are some of the potential benefits
of collagen. Improves your skin health, so we know that actually scientifically it builds
the diameter of your collagen molecules, the cells. It promotes younger firmer skin. Supports
joint health… Im going to link to a doctor talking about hydrolyzed collagen and actually
seeing with his patients how after just a few months of taking this everyday, their
meniscus the disc in their joint started to redevelop. If you cant afford anything else
or you just want to try one thing because your sick of all these recommendations, take
this and try it for a few months. It can restructure, it can rebuild the structure of joints. Not
only in your knees but in lower back discs he saw this, thats amazing. So if your about
to go under some sort of joint replacement or lower back surgery or upper back, any surgery,
take some of this first tis not that expensive. Build restore muscles, you can see that. It
also supports a healthy metabolism. Keeps appetite in check because its a full protein.
You know with any weight loss program your increasing your protein intake and this is
basically just protein and minerals. So it has an appetite suppressant affect. And its
completely… you absorb almost all of it. Promotes healthy brain function, promotes
deeper sleep. This doctor also found amazing results with people who were having, as a
side affect, they were mainly going in for arthritis for chronic arthritis in their joints.
Hydrolyzed collagen works on systemic inflammation. It helps heal your gut. So your gut is also
made up of a matrix of collagen, so it helps with leaky gut or any digestive issues because
your sealing it in with the collagen. Leaky gut is toxins and gluten or whatever sort
of issues permeating the gut lining, and messing with your blood. Oh this is whats amazing
is the vascular system, people with heart issues were finding benefit, you know with
high blood pressure. Because your vascular system, your veins are made of collagen but
also they have a muscular component to them as well. So any athletes also utilize this
because it also helps with any.. aside from your joints, it helps with recovery from exercising.
So you could take this in the morning and then maybe you go work out, do your cross
fit and then you could take it again after wards. It helps with any lactic acid build
up. Its amazing. So its not only restructuring your skin and your nails your hair, its helping
with your internal organs. Any prolapsed organ issues. This, im going to link to the doctor.
Prostate issues, liver issues, kidney. All of your organs are made of collagen so they
are all affected as you age and as you lose collagen in different ways. So there are a
lot of benefits. Its convenient. So this is 660 grams /23.3 Ounces for about 38 bucks.
This one is 23 and 16 ounces. Only perfect hydrolyzed collagen provides 100 percent hydrolyzed
collagen. Which isnt totally true. This one is also 100 percent, but. Sourced exclusively
from Brazilian pasture raised cows. Your definitely want to have pasture raised, whatever hydrolyzed
collagen your using. Thats important. 100 percent natural and pesticide and hormone
free non GMO, low molecular weight for easy absorption. High bio availability, you can
absorb almost all of this. Your body absorbs almost all of it. Thats why Its a perfect
protein. So in Hydrolyzed collagen, its hydrolyzed… the collagen molecules are broken down with
fruit enzymes. Thats how…. into little bitty smaller pieces. So all the amino acids that
your body uses, almost all of them are in here. I dont know which ones are missing.
Its tasteless and odorless and easily mixes in any liquid. So in the morning, I just put
a tablespoon to two tablespoons in water and its clear, doesnt taste like anything. You
can drink it. I have tried some… a company sent me some that tasted beefy, it tasted
kind of callow y. Which was nasty and you dont want that. You want it to be, both of
these you cant taste. Thats important. I take just in water a tablespoon to two tablespoons
in the morning and at night last thing. And it helps me out a lot. Im telling you my body
structurally changed. My legs felt like they were leaner and more muscular. The dimpling
in the back of your legs, cellulite changed. Saddle bag region restructured, it was awesome.
As well as all the skin benefits. Lab tested with proof of purity. Backed by our 100 percent
money back guarantee. Thats very great. You want to try and utilize it, two containers
of it. Try two and see. Make sure you take it every day and experience a difference.
You have to give it some time. And thats not very much time. Silver level green american
certified business. No fillers or flow agents. Pure collagen. 60 servings per bottle. From
the 9 point test for high quality collagen supplement. This has all of it. 100% collagen
and contaminant free. 100% supplement free from any GMOs. Its grass fead. Is the collagen
hydrolyzed? Yes. It needs to be hydrolyzed with fruit enzymes that break up amino acids.
Hydrolyzed collagen is high in proline and hydroxyproline which are the amino acids that
are associated with flexibility and strength. So thia helps your joints a lot but your skin,
these are the amino acids that promote and help your skin firm and tone. If you have
some sort of beauty issue you got to try this. Take a few tablespoons throughout the day,
you could build up like in a week. Two tablespoons in the morning and try adding a tablespoon
like the next day if its going well, do it again. And then third day add a tablespoon,
fourth day another tablespoon. Because that will help your body restructure quicker because
its got more of these proteins so it can utilize it to help. Of course its gonna work through
your vital organs first. Its going to help support that before you might see a difference
in your skin and your hair. Mkay. Im going to link to that video with the doctor talking
about these miraculous healing benefits from his clients and im going to give you a link
to this stuff. And this, ill do both. But I recommend this. If you liked that video
please give it a thumbs up and subscribe share and have a lovely day


  • Ms Susan

    Wow so Amazing I came across your videos looking for something I could DIY for skin care. At 46 I've noticed some wrinkles. love your videos. I would like to speak to you, do you have an email address

  • Joseph Pokoo

    pls, just watch your videos,and am interest in having some of the products, how do i get it b'cos i'm in Ghana-West Africa.

  • Judy

    hey.watching you from Kenya!I absolutely love skin care.I use the NeoCell Collagen brand.However, my skin breaks out and I get pimples.What should I do for the breakouts to stop?

  • Irma Ivette Rodriguez Ortiz

    just ordered….I want it to work on my knee, when you said meniscus…I said. that's it…before surgery that's it…thank you…you are very knowledgeable, I love you already…your skin is amazing…

  • CanthideFromyuhself

    Wow…Thank you sweetheart for the information and EXPLAINING thoroughly the benefits to us…(whom are a little lazier 😉 I will be trying this. Thanks again sis!!

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    Hey there.. Is hydrolyzed collagen different from collagen peptides? I just ordered vital proteins collagen peptides and wondering if I should order the collagen proteins and take one in the a.m. And the other in the evening. Just not clear on what the differences between the two.

  • Jessika Robinson

    i started seeing results in a couple weeks!!!! and working on healing my gut for a while but the collagen kick started this healing. . my skin is glowing, depression is gone, my anxiety is gone, my hair is shinier , my body skin is soft, on top of other stuff. i will never stop taking collagen peptides. i was reading the fish collagen is better than the cow. gonna try that next. I'm so excited that my mental problems are just going away due to healing my gut.

  • Eidann63

    Thank you for the very complete explanation on the benefits of this collagen. What particular type of collagen were you taking when you said you got some that tasted beefy?

  • Gary Hincman

    i so no information relating to the name of the product / producer of the product, or your phone number if a person wanted to order, or speak with you about the product you are promoting ?? Why not, Gary 760 809 5015

  • Christina Issaka

    I have hormonal acne since 8 years.. Which is different from normal acne.. Does anyone have experience taking this for hormonal acne? Please I need a response quick..

  • Irma Medina

    Wow I've heard of hydrolyzed collagen, but I didn't realize how beneficial it is to the WHOLE body this is great, thanks for adding the video link below that was so informative that's I'm getting this for my peeps especially all women in my family I'm so excited about this hahaha!!! Thank you you're so awesome 😍

  • Katie Holiday

    You have great skin, its so creamy and smooth. I feel the same way about collagen, if you can only take one supplement, it should be collagen, it helps all over the body. Did you know drinking collagen prompts your skin cells to create more hyaluronic acid too? Pretty cool. Thanks for the video!

  • Paloma Healing

    The therapeutic dosage for joints, cartilage is 4 scoops! You'll see results sooner too, of course! I started with 2 scoops only, but didn't feel much of a difference. I've been on the powdered collagen for 2 months now…feeling a little differences in flexibility. Only been taking the 4 scoops for the last month tho..Thank you Leda, I've been following you for a while now and you've inspired me to do my own natural skincare products🙄💖💖💖

  • Paloma Healing

    Thank you for your video about the natural preservatives for these homemade skincare products! Awesome info

  • ruthblackcat

    I start taking Marine hydrolyzed collagen iand my eyes got all blurry and I stopped taking it and they got better so I don't know maybe I'm allergic to it

  • CheeryGiggles

    Great information! Do you have to have type 3 for it to actually work properly? As I noticed the blue tub is type 1 only? I'm new to this information and am wanting to purchase to also grow healthy hair

  • Annamarie Menendez

    Hi Leda: Thanks so much for all your videos and recommendations. This Collagen powder can you also use it in masks? Thanks again.

  • ヤヒャ

    I got the gelatin kind by Great Lakes because it was a little cheaper and it did have some beef flavor noticeable at first which I didn't like but after it mixed with the hot liquid it was okay.

  • Christie Bradley

    You are gorgeous… and with a natural glow! I just recently got info on this product…. in my 50s and told I look younger, but not so much feeling it in the joints lately… skin changing… so excited to try the stuff!!

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    Hi. Leda! Just want to know does this collagen powder has arginine? Is it good to drink if someone had Shingles 2 months ago? I don't have rashes and not taking medicines anymore. I know I need this and I used to drink Neocell Collagen powder years ago and stopped. But after shingles, I ordered again collagen powder for skin and of course build more collagen then I read about arginine so I don't know if this is okay.

  • catysparks

    I’m confounded. I’ve taken marine collagen for 18 months. I see no improvement with hair, skin, nails or torn muscles in my hip tensions. I’m tired of trying. Tired of hearing how so many things can help, when I find NO help gained only great expense.
    I’m more confused by all the items you promote. How can you know what works if you are taking 10-15 different supplements all at once. I’m lost in all the data.

  • Sean Balfour

    Ill take that recommendation for organs , bone and joints, and the added skin rejuvenation.
    Check out celery root, ( from market), sometimes farmers just throw it away, but its the most nutrient dense part of the celery plant.boil it with with white cabbage, then add cinnomon and some pomegranate , blend it all, then extract the fluid through a cotton type gauze cloth.gives, great skin, helps joint pain, and strong libido, for both men and women.

  • Genevieve Mullins

    Yes! Thank you, I've been taking Great Lakes but once I finish great lakes I'm going to order this one. I LOVE your channel! So happy my friend Jessica turned me onto you. You're also, so gorgeous. And smart. Def taking advice from you!

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    Is it safe to take this if you’re on high blood pressure medications? I love your videos. Keep up the good work. God bless you.

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    Hi there. I love this I take it everyday but I'm not sure I'm taking enough
    What is your recommendation? 2 scoops or more?

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    I am going to get this one as soon as I run out of the one that I have, I love your personality!!!

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    Leda…. I love your vids and thank you so much for providing an immense awareness on many different natural DYI's on health and beauty.

    I am 44 and have recently been researching methylation and epigenetics. I think you might find this subject as interesting as I have. Take a moment and do some light research. It might assist you in finding what will work for your body without breaking the bank on so many different DYI memdies. The education is truly priceless and will hit the nail in understanding your body and type.

  • Mira Fawn

    Just ordered using your code (Thank You!) Been watching your channel last couple of weeks and am kinda obsessed. But seriously, so much great information! Recently I've been diagnosed with an array of nerve disorders/diseases in my spine. I'd like to try the most natural ways possible to deal with this. Plus I'm hoping to look as gorgeous as you, lol

  • Hina Sheikh

    hi leda! Ive been taking this collagen for nearly 6 months now after seeing tis video of yours…omg thank you!! i can tell the color tone of my skin is deeper and i love that. I have very untoned legs, bat wings, saddle bag issues and a lot of cellulite. I was hoping this stiff would help that but i cant seem to tell that my cellulite is getting better. Wondering if you have any advice or insights about this? Is 6 months just not long enough? Ill keep taking it becasue my body loves it but wondering when i can start to see more of the outward benefits of it especially my cellulite and loose skin/muscle tone? Thanks so much xo

  • Tracy Johnson

    I'm sold just on seeing YOU! You're so gorgeous and skin in flawless! Omg ..how young are you? I just turned 38 am getting into anti aging and was going to do the bone broth but I rather have so wrong I rarely have to prepare and store plus I couldn't find chicken feet or be k or backs in my area so I'm goin to try this ..ive noticed more cellulite and in gettin fine lines on my face and smile lines and puffy eyes ..instead of buying creams and so much for different areas and workouts, I was looking for something internally and my gosh I feel this is my solution! Along with body brushing and micro needling! Thanks for the video!!

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    just got this and 10% off with your code! I am very excited to try and see if it helps my chronic back pain. Anybody with good results for pain?

  • ozzy oz'

    This is the best product for dry skin. Menopause dries your skin badly. I started Zint collagen powder, you'll find it at Amazon. 32 oz. I gained weight from marine collagen. Grass fed collagen powder and it's non GMO. Zint is the name of it

  • Vevi Vevi

    Good subject – but your speech flow is interrupting too much. Sounds as you want to finish as quick as possible. Anyway, collagen must work very well on you – coz your skin looks flawless ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • David Friedman

    I believe collagen is a great supplement!
    Note that at the moment – the recommended brand (One container of "Perfect") is actually more expensive than the competitor (Two container pack of "Great Lakes").
    Here's the math: Great Lakes is a total of 912 grams for $47.98 or 19 grams per $1; the Perfect is 660 grams for $37.95 or 17.5 grams per $1. Note that this is a comparison at Amazon Prime as of today 04/03. Shipping and bulk orders or discounts at various websites could change this analysis.

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