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Hi everyone This is Suna ASMR Today I’m going to take care of skin with Hee Soo Hee-su is my high school friend She also runs the YouTube ‘Hee Soo Love’ channel Please visit the link below Then let’s start right away Say hello Hi~ I am Hee Soo Then let’s start I’ll start Cool I’ll cleanse the eyes and mouth first I think you’re good at talking. Please make it pretty I can’t erase because of coloring I’ll just pass it A little bit left The complexion looks okay Better Next, I’ll do the cleanse oil You’re very good at this Why don’t you challenge Asmr? I have no courage Film it here It’s too far I’ll wipe it off Yeah Hee Soo asmr I think you’re better than me I’m so nervous Just relax Were we doing towels also? Yes, that is correct Then What should we do Let’s do the peeling I’m asking you for something that would remove dead skin Want dead skin? Yup It was new skin What is it? Don’t sleep I didn’t sleep Is the sound well? Too many dead skin on the face What should I wipe with? Get up I … I didn’t sleep. I heard your breath changing really? How can I resist sleeping Is it cold? Wake up I think it’s hard to wipe this off Shouldn’t you clean the sponge first? With sponges? I’ll remove it Dead skin are falling on both sides Yes it’s okay There was also nostrils Did the keratin go in? why? It’s hard to wash I shouldn’t have done this What? It’s hard to wipe I’ll just skip it Why are you keep on skipping I’ll massage you next Wait I didn’t do decollete. You can do it now The sound is nice My face is so small that I can’t move my hands My hands are too big Do you see this Are you sleeping? I beg your pardon wake up Woke up … Is the massage finished Did you do it too roughly? Shusshu Shusshu Shouldn’t you do this? Just Choo Choo Shu (?) shuk shuk shuk shoshok shuk Shouldn’t you do this? It’s okay cause you are young It hurts a bit because it’s scratched by a cat here. I’m sorry I’ve been in beauty for a long time but skin doesn’t fit me I did beauty … I was in high school But the beauty wasn’t all right But among them Skin felt better My hands are wrong What should I do next next Replenish your nutrients once Then today I’ll try plaster pack Hee Soo Huh? Please open asmr channel I learned everything from you you’re good If it doesn’t sound good, you can just apply it by hand I washed my hand Yes, the hands that peeled shrimp shells It might smell a little fishy. won’t it smell from my face? as … mr … You are an expert at this It doesn’t sound good I can’t make the sound well That sounds okay Plenty of plenty! Plaster pack base paste it plenty plenty! You have to apply it Sounds like this I’ll see the face size first Breathe For reference, I can’t break plater packs well Poured too much water done That’s … instead of a rubber ball I think I bought very well “Not really” … i See I’ll apply I think I’ve got a lot on my head Are you okay? It will hurt a lot It looks so pretty This is so pretty Let’s talk while we’re it gets hardened Oh you can’t talk Only I’ll talk then Then it’s not fun I think I did it well I see There’s a lot of plaster left Long live Korea? I think it will take a long time since I added too much water Touch me? It’s flowing? Sorry Should I cover this like this Wait I’ll take it off The world is very bright Hey, the world is white Plater pack is less done It stays I feel better Then I will test the elasticity It’s so good that I can’t get grab. Really? Really Isn’t your hand slippery? is it chest I’ll tap on the plaster pack I want to see the shape too show me Is that a skin? I know Is it skin? Yeah Is not cleansing water I was almost ruined now. If I didn’t see … It was almost a big day for me There is no word called cleansing water Give me Oh yes Wow, you are good The sound was good Oh ~ Lover! But I’ll pour more because it’s not enough My favorite sound I’ll wipe your chest Yes, but it’s not my chest Shhh … Please be quiet. Oh … You have no elasticity This doesn’t work It tickled your scalp a lot right? Yeah I’ll release it once Please do not let dandruff come out I got a lot from the Peel Off Pack Peeling not peel off pack Babo Babo Shh Good Cool So cool Cool Are you pulling my hair off? Now, guest ~ Done Thank you Thank you Then everyone Please subscribe to Hee Soo Everyone have a good night have a good dream and have a good day

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