✨ BONUS SPIDER VEIN FIX! 💖  Why 💎 Iceing 💎 your Face = Awesome Skin🤑
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✨ BONUS SPIDER VEIN FIX! 💖 Why 💎 Iceing 💎 your Face = Awesome Skin🤑

Hi it’s leda lum’s apotheca and you’ve probably
heard this before but its new to me. How icing your face benefits your skin and
also I want to talk about a trick my mother just taught me to get rid of varicose veins
and also spider veins. Some spider veins are coming up a little bit. Okedoke then. So lately ive been hearing a lot of this trick
of icing your face an ice facial. And I’ve been hearing it from different people. Different people been telling me about this
and their friend does this and she swears by it. Also my mother who just was visiting and she
taught me some tricks im going to share those with you darlings. How to get rid of some veins on your legs
and it works. Doesn’t cost anything. And this, I mean, I bought this for, I didnt
know if it existed and it did. So I got it on Amazon. Therapy beads so they can kind of mold to
your skin. Because I do want to be efficient with my
icing my face. A lot of people wrap an ice cubs in cloth
and my mother thinks actually you should have it touching your skin. You know to actually have the benefits so. I dont know about the cloth. Sounds a little annoying to me, maybe its
you know not gonna not freeze your skin, but I’ve also heard a dermatologist talk about
you actually do want it touching your skin. It damages the upper layer a little bit, so
that skin care can penetrate. You know maybe similar to derma rolling. I don’t know. I don’t know about that actually. So I got a whole face mask. That can mold and, it feels amazing it tingles. I could just get an ice cube and rub it all
around but that seems like I’ll have to do that forever. So I just get this out of the, out of my freezer
and I put it on, you know, and I lay back. These are a little long, maybe I could.. these
are velcro late go behind. I don’t know, it adjusts. Right, so this little thing goes all the way
up here. Its all velcro. But then you know, I just mush it around. I might get like another, they have other
ones that you could put on your eyes, you know for puffy eyes or whatever, you know,
dark circles under you’re eyes, its supposed to help that as well. I don’t tend to get puffy eyes or dark circles
but I want to preserve my skin constantly right. Im on this constant fascination. It doesnt cover your nose. So what I was doing is I was laying back. It was cold. Apparently it really helps migraines if you
suffer from migraines. This is amazing. A lot of reviews saying how dope it is. It feels amazing on your skin. Some of the benefits that maybe you’ve seen
other people make videos on. This is totally new to me. Is how it can prime your skin for makeup. So it kind of shrinks your pores or makes
them look smaller and kind of recesses any redness. Minimize pores, puffy eyes. Of course acne, I’ve heard of that before. You can hold an ice cube to acne because of
course its icing your joints or whatever reduces inflammation. Because your body of course is going to push
inflammation, which is a healing response, to the area. And that eliminates acne. And maybe it eliminates bacteria as well. Its Freezing it, preserving it. And apparently thats also what happens with
your skin. Just like you would put meat in the fridge,
freezing your skin can help preserve and eliminate wrinkles. But I think the main benefit is circulation. Circulating nutritious blood back and forth
through your skin. Just like if you’ve ever been to a Korean
spa. I love Korean spas. You heat your body, your in the hot tub, or
like the tea plunge, you know they have the sauna. And then you take a cold shower. this is also what people do with dry skin
brushing. You dry skin brush, you know and then people
who are really into that take cold showers. So whats thats going to do, is help flush
your lymph as well. Because your blood, you know your lymph goes
into your blood, retract down into, you know all the veins going back to your heart. Its pulling toxins, its just moving things
faster through your system. So it makes a lot of sense to do it to your
face too! It feels wonderful. I mean it tingles for a while afterwards. I mean at first its red, so I dont know how
doing it right before putting on makeup. I guess you’d wait a little while till your
skin isnt red I guess? It definitely created more of like this porcelain
finish. It was more taught. It just makes your skin more smoothed out
so. I guess after half an hour, once your bloods
all gone back to your skin. It really does give you a wonderful glow darling. So this is new to me. It makes sense that it draws the blood in
and then brings fresh nutrient rich blood back out. And so if you have any broken capillaries
that could help really draw blood out of your capillaries get things moving. Because thats stagnant blood. Stagnant blood aint good, no. I love it. This was 20 bucks. I like it it feels smooth. Its not going to stay cold for very long,
but Id rather do this than have like dripping water every where. Although right now, in the heat. But this is a perfect summer trick isnt it. People use this mask after cosmetic surgeries
or procedures like fraxle or any sort of laser stuff. So your skins irritated. Its going to help increase the healing because
its drawing the blood in, and then fresh blood to help heal the skin. Ive never done fraxle or cosmetic surgery
but If I ever do Im going to use my new, as long as this last, facial bubble wrap. Speaking of capillaries darlings. So my mother was telling me this trick that
she’s been doing with her legs. She’s in her 60’s. She dont look it honey, she dont look it. She works it. Okay. If you’ve ever noticed, and Ive had people
nursing their elderly mother, who just had her legs up for a while, bed ridden, her legs
were beautiful. The veins, the blood, was drawn back in. Because its basically blood stagnation again. So what my mothers been doing is, kicking
her legs up on her be, bring her legs up, elevate your legs somehow, against a wall. And then drawing, massaging the blood out,
massaging the area where theres veins. And pulling it down to get things moving. Ill bet putting an ice on that area would
also be an amazing way to get the blood flowing. So thats been of tremendous benefit. So I have like a little, maybe a little vein
starting to… So im going to start doing that. Apparently according to some dermatologist. If you freeze an area. thats gonna damage the skin a little bit so
that it would be more porous for your amazing nutrient rich skin oils. You could do it after your roller, or maybe
your IPL device or any other treatments. I dont know, Ive never even though about this. WOo! This is news to me! I dont know, do you guys have any experience
with icing your face? Totally new to me. So if you like that video, please subscribe,
share and Comments. Have you ever experienced this? Icing your face? Its wonderful. Its Wonderful especially if you have any like,
rosacea or redness. That makes sense doesnt it? But also just to increase circulation darling. Get your rosey glow and improve your complexion. Bloopers.


  • Julie Smith

    I love this idea. Thanks for the great mask. I had a med spa use a ice roller on my skin, it felt very good.

  • Shelley Boockholdt

    Thanks for the great info! I was looking at dermarollers on Amazon and I saw some ice rollers that I had never seen before. The mask looks cool. Literally! lol! I'm gonna tell my mom about it for her migraines.

  • Lilliana Mehegan

    I have been doing this for awhile it's great. When I feel that I have a double chin or I want to tighten my skin around my neck and jawline, I apply an ice pack for 30–60 minutes. The next morning the sagging skin/double chin is gone. I use a mask of cold avocado, almost frozen egg whites (extremely cold), and Papaya for (leave on 15 minutes) anti-aging. It works wonders!! I love your videos.

  • Lilliana Mehegan

    I use a thin cloth and it seems to work for my chin and neck because I am afraid of bruises or damaging my skin. For my face, I apply ice without a cloth.

  • Elle C

    Awesome tipps! thanks again 😀 Buying this mask right now! I also can recommend the ice roller, works great for me so far.

  • Lilliana Mehegan

    hello Leda!! thanx for responding. yes that mask works wonders for skin tightening and anti aging. I will also try some of the things you just mentioned. thank you. I will be watching more of your videos.

    yes, the ice pack gets very cold. I use it once a week. I did it on the 26th and it still looks and feels great today. Have a great day!

  • K Muddiman

    Hey Leda, this might sound silly but how old do you think you should be to start this? Prevention is great but when is a good age to start with the anti ageing stuff? Great video as always lovely 💗 xx

  • Victoria Greenroyd

    Hi Leda, like your Mom I am in my 60s and also have spider veins. I was curious about the trick you spoke of that she shared with you. How long do we need to massage the veins and did she share how long the effects last/how often does it require being repeated. I love the idea that it's free and DIY. Thanks for this video… I've used an ice mask, just the eye portion, because I'm a migraine patient and have had them for more than 40 years. Ice certainly helps.

  • Kathryn Baird

    Thanks, great video and the mask looks interesting. I freeze chunks of aloe Vera (peeled on one side) and ice my face with it. That works well too and I love the results. Cheers!

  • m0nstr3t

    i need this so bad! 🙁 🙁 🙁 i dont have a budget for a laser treatment and it's scary for me, i will try this and let you know if it worked for me. the cold compress for migraine, i have been doing already and works for me.

  • Annamarie Menendez

    Hi Leda: I heard ice tightens your skin. Speaking about devices, I want to ask you about the ultrasonic 7 color device. How many times a week can a person use it. I bought one and the booklet doesn't say. If you know I appreciate your help.Thanks so much. I love your videos. Thanks so much for all your information.

  • Best Hair Gomz

    1 Peter 1: 23 For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.

  • Nicole Chisholm

    Yes! I am so happy I found this one! I've been fighting spider veins for a bit. I don't know if it's age or dramatic weight loss. Can similar treatments work for legs?

  • Ladynipchick2

    No, I just have feeling that intense cold in my skin will make the 'rebound' of blood returning show up intensified capillaries. Oh, ok, you just pointed out moving the stagnant blood etc. Ok, I'll start with cubes. X

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