☀️How to Find the Best Sunscreen to Fit Your Skin Type: For Dry, Combo, Sensitive & Oily Skin Types
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☀️How to Find the Best Sunscreen to Fit Your Skin Type: For Dry, Combo, Sensitive & Oily Skin Types


  • Adrienne Eugenio

    A few months ago I began freaking out about this really dry patch on my face. I went online to find out what it could be and discovered how accumulative and damaging the sun's uv rays could be. Since then have tried my best to limit sun exposure and use sunscreen on every exposed part of my skin 💕 #BackOnTrackUV

  • Javier Neria

    i do take care of my skin but like Felicia did, i only use sunscreen when i go swimming. and that happens once every year! i’m taking my melanin for granted and i want to preserve my skin. i would love to start out with these products! ✨

  • Tīri-Labiņa Katrīna

    I’m really light skinned and can NEVER get any tan anyway so sunscreen is a must for me. In wintertime or when I havent planned on beeing outside it is enaugh for me to apply to times per day, but in summer I use a reminding system to reaply sunscreen- everytime I go to wash my hands after bathroom break, i reaply it. And I don’t get burned. 😉

  • Jade Ilesanmi

    I have been using a sunscreen everyday with spf 50 and it says that it protects from both uva and uvb which is great! I’ve also been using the fresh kombucha essence as it protects skin from pollution aswell #BackOnTrackUV

  • bradleystansbury1

    I've started to use Neutrogena hydro boost SPF 30 sunscreen every morning and then reapply if I am out in the sun! I also make sure to use a chap stick that is SPF 15 or higher. Gotta protect the luscious lips! I really regret not starting sooner – I'm in my early 20s – but there's never too late of a time to start! Thank you for reminding everyone of the importance of protecting your skin.

  • Laura Sanchez

    I do have some makeup products with SPF ex.my primer and I have different foundations some with SPF as well as an actual sunscreen for my face. I had also bought a UV protection umbrella for that extra something. #BackOnTrackUV

  • yessica campillo

    I recently started using a tinted sunscreen which really evens out my skin but most days I use a mineral sunscreen. Overall both work well for my skin, but its only for the first 3 hours of the day (my day normally starts at 10:30am) so by 1:30 I am very oily… I never reapply through out my day, because I'm usually very busy at work. Since we are moving into the summer months, I was thinking about cleansing mid day with micellar water and then reapplying… but I don't know how 'good' it is for my skin to simply cleanse with micellar water and reply sunscreen. 

    Thoughts and suggestions please?

  • Zoe Danielle

    I really need to start including sunscreen in my routine. I always thought that the spf in my moisturizer or makeup was enough but it’s not

  • Nadir Dahou

    I always make sure that besides putting on sunscreen with high SPF my moisturizes as well has SPF at least SPF 30. I also wear big sunglasses and/or hats alot of the time. I live in the Netherlands but my parents are from Morocco so I visit Morocco evey year so mainly then it's very important that I have my SPF's ready with me all the time! Especially since im fair teinted :(( #BackOnTrackUV

  • Sara Aslam

    I've got a question – what would you do for under your eyes? Since the skin is so thin and delicate, surely the sun damages it the most. However, applying sunscreen would cause milia?

  • Jeslyn Lim

    I'm from Singapore which happens to be all year summer! Sun screen would be extremely important for me and I use Aloe Soothing Sun Cream by Cosrx! #BackOnTrackUV

  • Chim Chim

    I just started using sunscreen a few days ago and regret not using it since a long time ago because I'm from the Philippines and it's really hot here #BackOnTrackUV

  • Jimindepity

    I'm from the Philippines and I just got into skin care last week which did not include sunscreen because I didn't want to use it because I thought it's thick and is lighter compared to my skin tone which is not nice, but I've been researching and watching videos and I find your video really useful so I'm having thoughts of getting sunscreen but I can't really afford those expensive ones. Because I don't really use sunscreen I just protect my face from UV rays with baby powder (like I said, I didn't know all about these) and thought it was enough. #BackOnTrackUV

  • Aileen Chi

    Do it every morning! I freak out if I ever forget. I avoid the sun now like a plague…short of Asian mom visors. I started doing it mid 20s and now > 10yrs and who's counting. Once you get used to having sun screen on as part of your routine…it will improve overall quality of skin. If the sunscreen is too thick…a trick is to add a little toner…helps not only hydrate but also to thin out the sunscreen!

  • Otaku Person

    Thanks for the video I use sunscreen everyday and it makes my skin nice and glowy and my skins white fair so sometimes the sunscreens are too thick and my skin looks whiter and I try to put sunscreen on every 3 hours or so if I'm in the sun #BackOnTrackUV

  • Görömbei Lilla

    I loved the video, its super useful as always, thank you 😊😊
    Does anyone have experience with the la roche posay anthelios anti imperfection sunscreen? Id be glad if you could share 😊

  • Linh Vũ

    Hello from Vietnam ^_^. Hello guys really just known to your channel but it has helped me a lot in how to take care of skin. In the past, I didn't think I would use sunscreen because I thought it was okay to let my skin be exposed to the sun. But later, larger, more explored, discovered and has know that the sunshine has a bad effect on my skin. And so I made friends with sunscreen. I am still a student who cannot afford expensive products but is still searching to get the right products for my money and skin ( I'm combination skin 😊😊😊😊)

  • Aasiya Mannan

    I starting use sunscreen about a year ago and my hyperpigmentation is now not as bad. Also.. weird but I wrap my face with a scarf when it’s really sunny. #BackontrackUV

  • Ketty Tressianah

    Sunscreen is a big game changer for me. I didnt know it before. Since i apply it daily as much as i can remember to, it minimize the looks of my pores and it feels smoothers. I struggle to find sunscreen that is lightweight and non sticky and not makes my skin looks greyish. Id love to win these sunscreen babies.

  • Valeria Tiourina

    Thanks for such an informative video! Just wondering – what's the difference in the ANTHELIOS TINTED MINERAL SUNSCREEN(the first 2 talked about) and the ANTHELIOS CLEAR SKIN OIL FREE SUNSCREEN? Are the both for daily use and the latter is just for those with oily skin?

  • Auralya Marsha

    *its cooler to be tan
    *me an asian girl : questioning my existence
    cuz the thing is with asian girl who live and spent all her life in asia whether young or old both adore lighter skin appearence

    love the diversity💜

  • Sarah Zets

    I currently only wear sunscreen that is incorporated into my makeup products but I have just been made aware of the importance of having actual SPF under my makeup (thanks to your channel). This brand seems like it has great products to help get me started on my sunscreen journey! #BackOnTrackUV

  • patty luu

    This channel helped me realize that I should use sunscreen everyday, and that it can help prevent dark spots and keep my skin more healthy. With aging the sun can damage your skin so using sunscreen has become such an essential product in my everyday routine !

  • Stephanie Villalobos

    Excited to see this sunscreen line and learn more! I use sunscreen every morning, and have been trying a few different products to see what works best. I have dark skin color and combination skin, so my main issues with sunscreen is them being too white on my skin or make my skin look too oily. I would be super excited to try these! 🙂 @

  • Koko

    The SPF related steps in my skincare are (in the following order): After double cleansing and all the rest of my skin care, after moisturizing, 1. Apply Supergoop SPF Lip balm, 2. apply Sephora matte finish spf on my face 3. Apply Shesido sport spf to my neck and decoliate 4. Spray on spf onto the rest of my body 5. After finishing my make-up, I set it with the Supergoop SPF setting spray !

    Thank you ladies, you're amazing and I appreciate all your hard work~


  • Samantha D.

    To protect my skin from the sun, I use moisturizers with SPF and wear a cap when going outside. I would like to try the Oil Free Dry Touch Sunscreen of Anthelios because my skin is very oily and I never had a sunscreen that is affordable and suitable for my skin type. #BackOnTrackUV

  • Kenya Ogletree

    I want to protect my skin but I am allergic to sunscreen. Is there anything I can take to protect my skin.

  • Elle Zpnta

    Hiiii I’m from Philippines and i don’t really use sunscreen because (not too) long ago i don’t really know how does the sunscreen really affects my skin but now i’m a teen ager, my skin burns bc of the sun and it creates break outs, it’s always hot here in ph so i’m looking for a sunscreen that i really need to trust, and when i watched this video idk but i kinda love the sunscreen and i learned that sunscreen is the most important part of skin care. I was inspired, thank you. I don’t really have tips bc this is my first time being wanted to wear sunscreen soo thank you for inspiring me,thank you for sharing your tips to us, I hope i can win! (Sorry if i sucks in English.)

  • Billie Xiong

    #BackOnTrackUV I have been trying to find the perfect sunscreen for my husband. He works everyday in the sun and I always encourage him to wear sunscreen but he does not like how it feels on his face and skin so he does not wear it and would rather where long pants and long sleeves. Im really hoping to try the Anthelios and see if he'll like it.

  • Annabelle

    Great job on the video, team! I'm so happy about this general interest in sun protection these days. As someone who gets rashes on their knuckles from the first UV rays of the year; who had surgery to prevent skin cancer; who once got a week long rash all over the face after going out sunscreen-less on a cloudy day, and can't enjoy hot summer holidays because I just sweat the sunscreen right off: PROTECT YA SKIN!! Have your GP check your moles! Wear sunscreen not just on your face, they make amazing, light, non-sticky sunscreens for your hot body nowadays! Catch some rays but remember that sunscreen won't protect you like a little bit a shade will. You have no idea what it feels like being told you have a 50% risk of developing skin cancer in your thirties, when you're literally 6 years old. And it would have come from my beauty marks, something I couldn't control. How about we protect our skin on the level we CAN control? Thanks for coming to my Ted talk

  • Alyssa Lingafelter

    Could I just use regular sunscreen everyday of the year or do I have to use the light weight stuff that you guys use?

  • Lauren Trucksess

    I used to wear visors because I couldn’t fit all my hair into a hat. Now, I shaved my head, and I’m looking to get a bucket hat! I’m going to be the coolest at the farmers market. I don’t have a big budget for skincare, but Trader Joe’s facial sunscreen hasn’t done me dirty. It does smell like sunscreen and it takes a while to rub it in, but it does the job! Since I shaved my head, I’ve been moisturizing and putting sunscreen on my scalp! Which, by the way, has never seen the light of day, so it’s pale as anything 😂

  • Bronze Fire

    I've been afraid to wear sunscreen in the past because I would breakout into a nasty rash. The mineral line from this brand seems safer. To keep my skin healthy, I use vitamin C and retinols.

  • Leslie Wong

    I just started getting into sunscreen since I have darker skin and rarely burn. I’m slowly getting into it with moisturizers that have SPF 30 and will be experimenting as time continues #BackOnTrackUV

  • Jill Therese

    Sunscreen is EVERYTHANG! I've been lathering it on daily since I was like 10 and omg, best decision ever. So interesting about Vitamin D! I definitely have low vitamin D and have been trying to get more little bits of sunshine here and there. Thanks for this video!

  • Kaizer King

    I use the Face Republic Sunscreen from Korea. It has ethyhexyl methoxycinnamate and octocryleneeee it's so light and gives a very gentle feeling to the skin I love it.


  • An-young Sohn

    I use sunscreen factor 30 for winter times or when the weather is cloudy and SPF 50 in spring/ summer, usually every day as my last step in skin care routine and allow it to sink in before I apply my make up. I also like make-ups that have SPF in them but it's not a must, as I rely on a separate sun screen. I consider it important to put sunscreen on your entire face, neck and any part of your body that is going to be exposed to the sun. Wearing a hat is also good and covering up during the most intense sunlight hours. Also I use lip balms with sunscreen/ SPF 25+. I have used La Roche Posay anthelios light fluid and it's amazing even for oily skin. I haven't tried the new range though and would love to try them. Thanks girls for your reviews and tips! 💕💕

  • Jen Boyd

    The steps i take for my skin are a vitamin C serum, then a dermalogica oil free matte spf 30 broad spectrum sunscreen as my last skincare step.

  • Kayc Ocean

    Can you guys talk about stretch marks and how to prevent and how to help reduce white old ones on sides of the thigh/butt area?

  • sniccoll

    Are you suppose to apply a quarter of a teaspoon of sunscreen literally every two hours? that seems so excessive.

  • Janie Schwartz

    I want to get back on track by trying to apply sunscreen EVERY morning. And I want to start carrying a spare sunscreen in my bag in case I forget. I also want to start putting sunscreen on my shoulders, chest, and and neck! #BackontrackUV.

  • Caffeine and Conquer

    I honestly don't use sunscreen because I just remember it as being thick and pore clogging. I have fair skin and tend to stay out of the sun, so I guess that's what I've been doing to protect myself (bahahahaha!). La Roche Posay sounds like it is changing sun protection for everyone and I would love to give the product a try.

  • Amy Ortega

    I'm not pale at all, not super dark neither and idk why but my skin is soo sensible, I don't get tanned by anyway and instead, it just hurts a lot so I don't think my skin tone really matter idk. Btw, I discovered new things about my sunscreen that I didn't know which it was amazing, glad you worked with La Roche Possay, their products are really good but I have a question, do we need to worry about the kind of skin care products that we use before and after the sunscreen )the ingredients)? There is some contraindication or something like that? Thank you girls

  • Didi Osuji

    i love you guys and appreciate your input and the channel but im not really sure what happened at 9:11. i can understand what you mean (i hope) but i don't appreciate what was said and how it was delivered.

  • Queen Bee

    What the different between sunscreen and sunblock? Then how about dd cream, bb cream, and cc cream that have spf to protect us from uv, are we still need use sunscreen?

  • Jeraldin I.

    The way I am taking care of my skin is making sure I complete my skincare routine everyday and night and I am not wearing as much makeup as I used to because I notice it had an affect on my breakouts (because I have oily and combination skin). I give my skin days to be bare and also trying to keep my hair out of my face is really helping. I can relate to you guys when you guys mentioned that your parents were always telling you to put on sunscreen but never knew the importance of it. Know that i know so much I want to take care of my skin. I do have a arm sleeve that I put on while I am in the car if the sun is bright on my arm. I haven’t found a moistures that doesn’t make me feel oily and I think these product from La Roche Posay will help me a lot! I did subscribe to their channel and I hope to win this giveaway.

  • Maria Naib

    Most of skin prodects not suitable for my skin if em using thick kind of suncream I feel my skin looks too drk n shiny so then I bought this suncream it not make my skin shiny or oily but I feel after 2 day use this make my skin dry patches I can't understand which kind of skin I have most of skin prodects when I use I feel it's irratiting on my skin

  • lily1125

    I use neutrogena 70 spf after moisturizer but I’m super tan and it leaves me greasy and white caste and I reapply with a sunscreen mist over my makeup. I haven’t found a good one though they all smell like really strong alcohol 🙁 #BackOnTrackUV I need better sunscreen! La roche posay help! Lmao

  • Dilshad Attu

    I wear sunscreen with SPF 50.sometimes I forget to take the sunscreen with me when I'm going out 😀,so I keep 2 sunscreens 1 on the home and 1 on my bag and next thing that I do is wearing clothes which cover my hands it'll be like I'm heading towards the sun especially if it is summer solution for it is wearing light weight clothes especially dresses made up of cotton and not wearing dark shade clothes because it absorbs heat,I change my dress pattern to a lighter ones in terms of material and color.i also cover my face with a scarf and put on my sunglasses

  • Claudia


    They didn’t mention oxybenzone is coral bleaching. The Great Barrier Reef is dying enough.

    And la Roche posey sells in China and Brazil so they do animal testing

  • Tamara Stanojević

    I started using sunscreen last year, when my friend's face started wilding because she wasn't carefull with products (she used/mixed some oils without sunscreen on top of it ), so she had burned and really red face trough-out the hole school year, it wasn't really a pleasent thing to see on other's face, expesually when she's your bff, but she started using this brend (not just sunscreens) and it really helped her a lot including myself. I started building a skin care routine and everything is just perfect now. I was really interested when i saw this video at first because i'm fan of this brand, and altough i use their sunscreens i didn't try this one yet( in the moment i use the one who has sensitive eyes innovation) and i'm really interested in that track thingy 😄💁🙊😹

  • Ava Lewis

    I use supergoop sunscreen powder makeup setting spray moisturizer and primer because I have Rowina’s pale skin and I burn so much but I think it somehow helped my skin clear up too although I do not know how??? But I definitely recomend

  • Alma Wong

    I have been using La Roche Posay for about 10 years now. I absolutely love their sunscreen, especially their sunscreen face stick. It helped control the amount of freckles I get in the summer time when I spend hours outdoor.

  • Mislicable

    Can anyone tell me please why La Roche Posay has different collections in the US and Europe and how could I order items form US collection to Europe? Thanks!

  • Sugar Plum

    Omg that skintracking thing is so cool, I wonder when these products will come to Australia!
    I used their mineral sunscreen everyday but omg I didnt realise it isnt affective for 20 minutes! :O I always put it on right before I leave to Uni.

  • Green Soul!!

    Why these companies are making products in smaller and smaller bottles. Good money making techniques. I dont buy them becoz io these companies greediness it pisses me off.

  • Siberius Wolf

    I don't see the "oil free" dry-touch one in Australia, here it seems to instead be called "anti-shine", that is dry-touch for oily skin. Which is close enough for me! Clearly the same thing going on.
    Sounds perfect. I hate that thick wet sunscreen. Something light and thin and dry and easy to apply sounds exceptionally awesome.

    Okay I changed my mind! going with:
    "Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face & Body Dry Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 88ml
    Way cheaper and seems to be really good as far as all the things I liked about this sunscreen (dry touch, not white, light, not greasy, etc).
    Also like, no one is complaining about their skin being on fire, which is rare to see with a skin product… lol.

    Or the backup option was essentially the same thing:

    "Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Clear Face Sunscreen Liquid-Lotion SPF 30 88mL
    It's got all the same ingredients, just a bit less a quantity of each ingredient, I suppose to make it a tad extra friendly. Not that literally anyone is complaining anyway.

    It is chemical sunscreen.
    They have a zinc version, but it's rather white, so… La Roche-Posay's mineral version would be better there. But it's tricky to get the specific right one in Australia, and much more expensive.

  • Mary Jane

    I have been using the effaclar medicated gel cleanser and the effaclar mat moisturizer and it changed my life I was using that 50 spf by them but I will buy the tinted one now

  • Rio Ortigas

    For oily skin. What is better bioree sunscreen spf 50 or the face republic gel sunscreen. ?? Thank you for your help.

  • Chloe's Boring Life

    I reapply sunscreen often well wearing a hat bc I have fair skin and it’s very easy for me to burn on the face. I try to drink 2 liters of water every day. I love using Zinc sunscreens bc they work really well for me but they are difficult to rub in but they work SO WELL. If I do get a sunburn I make sure to apply aloe Vera and lotion to my skin daily until the burn goes away. That’s what I like to do 😆

  • Yaellow

    ANTHELIOS ULTRA LIGHT FLUID FACIAL SUNSCREEN SPF 60 – no thank you, i dont want to smear 3D prints on my face. Nylon 12 in a sunscreen, wtf.

  • Christina Agudink

    9:30 – 9:50 this is sooo helpful my parents don’t understand why I’m not out in the sun “for more vitamin d”. I told them this but they think I’m lying…like I’m sorry that I wanna look like Madonna when I’m 60!

  • qarhsi

    something additional would be to wear sunglasses? or clear glasses with UV protection. so many ppl don't do this simple step. but having those not only protects our eyes, but also the wrinkle-prone skin around it.

  • wajeeha Parveen

    I downloaded nearly 70 of ur videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️and watching since morning 😍😍😍😍😍. They are loaded with info for practical implementation👍👍👍👍

  • oracleofdelphicchaos

    I didn't wear sunscreen for a long time because it was just too greasy and just avoided going outside without a hat and parasol. Watching your channel convinced me to start wearing sunscreen daily, even if I'm not planning on going outside. I also drink tons of green tea which has helped with my skin recovery from sun exposure. It took a lot of hunting to find a sunscreen that was non greasy and didn't irritate my skin, but overall I'm glad I made the effort.

  • Michelle Rogers

    Ive honestly just started knowing how important sunscreen is im 46 snd I've been using it since I turned 37 well idkw I did but the dark spots are gone. I love to mix physical and chemical together. Idkw but that's what I like. I am glad I learned it's the last step before starting your makeup I would put sunscreen then my moisturizer which is Cerave facial moisturizer with spf broad spectrum 30. Then my primer and ive been loving foundation or bb creams with even more sunscreen in it.
    Idkw im doing wrong but im starting to look way to oily and im dry very dry. If you could reccomend some good drug store or more affordable for dry skin that would be awesome. Tyvm to the both of you🌞🌞👸👸💖💖💖💖❤🧡💛💚💕💞💓💗

  • ChezFeroce

    Is there an app or a device you can buy to do this skin analysis at home? I wanna be able to apply sunscreen and make sure I have every spot covered

  • Trúc Mai

    Can anybody answer my question? In this video, they said according to scientist formulator, they were saying it takes less than a minute for us to get our daily vitamin D intake. Is this true, I can't search anything else like this in Google.

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