दाद खुजली का इलाज,100%treatment of eczema
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दाद खुजली का इलाज,100%treatment of eczema

Hello welcome to happy life channel Frends, today we tell the eczema treatment There is a whole new cure for eczema Older measures to cure eczema have failed This new solution well definitely benefit U View complete video and get ideas The idea is very easy A solution is form gourd Please like my video Cut the gourd root Gourd juice is drink deily It is also important to know what eczema should not eat This remedy well get rid of 100% shingles Mustard oil needs to burn gourd root Doctor’s injection does not eczema Eczema gets again A person with eczema should not drink milk tea Eat less salt Do not eat fish and milk Apply this oil twice a day to eczema Have a glass of gourd juice To put oil in a glass bottle Thanks for watching my video

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