एक्ने / पिम्पल्स के गड्ढों का ईलाज || Acne Scar Treatment

Hi friends, in this video I will be talking about Acne scars such as Ice-Pick acne scars, medium acne scars and severe acne scars which disfigure the skin. I will also be telling you about the treatment of these scars. First of all, I will be telling you about a topical medicine which can be applied to the skin which can be used to treat medium acne scars This is called Tazarotene Gel this gel is manufactured by Glenmark Pharma and is available at the chemist shop in two concentrations – Tazret 0.05% & Tazret Forte 0.1% This gel should be used after washing your face every night and should be applied on top of the acne scars before going to sleep. In the morning, after washing your face with water you should moisturise your face well Using this gel for 3 months will show a marked improvement in your scars Aside from this gel, all other treatments for acne scars involve causing some trauma to the skin so that once the wound heals, elastic tissue is created naturally within the skin causing skin to automatically rise up Small acne scars can get filled by using a dermaroller on the skin A dermaroller with 1.5mm teeth is suitable for this purpose. Skin peels are also a good treatment for acne scars This skin peeling is carried out by acid and that is why it is best if you have this treatment done by a trained skin specialist in a good clinic. Another treatment is called TCA Cross This treatment is suitable for small indentations in the skin, which are called Ice-Pick acne scars In this treatment, Trichloro Acetic Acid is injected into the scar using a fine injection needle. This causes collagen tissue to form within the skin and pores get filled It takes between 4-6 weeks for the scars to get filled and it takes 3-4 sittings for this treatment to be complete But the result of this treatment is quite good. Dermapen Microneedling – This treatment is quite popular and safe for small acne scars Now lets talk about Laser Treatment for acne scars One of the best results in Laser Treatment is obtained by a Fractional CO2 laser There is a marked improvement in just one treatment But it takes 4-5 days after the treatment for the skin to heal Another Laser which is used to treat acne scars is called Fraxel Non-Ablative Laser this is also used to smoothen skin it takes only 2-3 days for the skin to heal after treatment and the skin does not get reddened or swollen after treatment but it takes 4-5 sittings for a good result to show Those acne scars which are very large and make the skin appear deformed are not usually treatable with Lasers also. For this, you will have to undergo Subcision, which means a needle is inserted under the scar and then the scar is cut from below This is followed by injecting fillers into the skin which causes the skin to raise and become smoother For severe acne scars, subcision and fillers are the most suitable treatment Friends, I hope you have liked my video If you have any questions about Acne Scars, please put them in the comments below Thank you.

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