МАНИКЮР Кошачий глаз ❤ ГЕЛЬ ЛАК под кутикулу ❤ Пошаговое выполнение

In today’s video, we’ll see a classic manicure, coating with gel polish right next to the cuticle, as well as a cat eye design. Hello! Welcome to my channel! This french manicure is already 3 weeks old and it’s time to change it. Therefore, as usual, I remove gel polish with a «corn» cutter with a blue notch. I do not completely remove gel polish. Still, I leave a thin layer of the base. Now I file the shape of the nails. I do this as always with a 180 grit file with removable files. The shape of the nails will be a “soft square”. Now I grind the surface of the nail. I do this in order to further do a good alignment of the nails with the base. November 14 my online course of combined and hardware pedicure will take place. ❤️Maximum of important information: ❤️ We will consider the correct and modern technique of performing hardware pedicure, and in which cases it can be combined with tools. ❤️ Toes processing in hardware ❤️ Feet processing ❤️ Work using a smart disk, polishing the foot. ❤️An aesthetic coating with gel polish right next to the cuticle, how to make a beautiful glare and successfully make photo your work. ❤️ I’ll talk about how not to cut the skin and nails, what rotational speed of the milling cutter to choose for different cutters. ❤️ Let’s talk live, I will answer all questions. The broadcast will take place in the «Periscope» application. Detailed information and instructions on how to connect and the price are on my Instagram page and in the description below this video. Waiting for your request on Instagram! Today I perform a classic manicure. Before doing maceration, I put a remover. I use the «Solu» remover. I do maceration for 2 minutes and process the fingers. With a pusher, I push back the cuticle, scrub of pterygium with a spatula. I clean it well so that I can trim the cuticle evenly. I turn the corner of the scissors into the right sine. I cut the cuticle with one strip from right to left. I finish the movement of the hand in the left sinus. This should be a smooth cuticle cut. Now it remains only to finalize with nail clippers, work out the side rollers, and also – clean the remains of pterygium. Do not forget to subscribe to my channel and click on the bell! So you will always be aware of my new interesting videos. Now we will coat the nails with gel polish. On the thumb nail you see a brown stripe. This is a childhood injury. It has now appeared in this form. I degrease nails with nail prep. I coat the nails with a primer. And I coat the nails with a leveling layer of the base. I use the rubber base “Milano». I put a drop of base closer to the center of the nail, pulling it to the cuticle and stretch it to the end of the nail. Now I’m sure to turn the hand over so that the base spreads slightly on the nail. I check with a thin brush: I control the glare and send the nail into the lamp. Today I will use the new for me gel polish «Cosmoprofi» No. 347. I coat the nails with gel polish in one layer. Therefore, I immediately coat as close to the cuticle as possible. I put a brush. I stop. I let gel polish spread near the cuticle. I control that this is smooth. Then I slowly coat the gel polish on the sides of the nail. I control that the gel polish is applied evenly and send the nail to the lamp. Today I have a new gel polish «Global Fashion» cat eye 24D No.11 Now let’s see what shades it will shimmer. Still, it’s 24D. This is no longer 5D and not 3D. There is a difference. I have used it more than once. Instagram also has my work with this gel polish. Everyone likes him very much. I hold the magnet near the cuticle. I pull the shiny particles to the center of the nail. I do the same thing, starting from the end of the nail. It turns out here is such a round glare that everyone is chasing. On the sides of the nail, I also slightly substitute the magnet. Checking the glare. Now I repeat again on the next nail. We always joke with customers that with such gel polish (cat eye) you can play for a very long time). Once again, from the side of the cuticle, I put a magnet. I darken the cuticle area. Now I am darkening the area of ​​the end of the nail. A little on the sides of the nail. I align the glare so that it is round. Here you can see green overflows of color and lilac and red. I have already tried on a maroon basis to apply this gel polish, on black basis, and today – on a purple basis. I send the nail to dry in the lamp for 60 seconds. Now I coat all the nails with the top. At the moment I have a glossy top “Elise Braun” with sticky layer. This top has a good consistency. It does not flow much, is not very thick, aligns well and shines beautifully. Here is the result we got. Glare shimmers with different colors when moving the fingers. Nails change color from dark violet to lilac glare, and to green glare. That’s all for today! Good luck to everybody and see you soon!

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